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Home Country Travel

In addition to Staff Rule 06.13 Home Country Travel, the following applies:

  • Grandfathered trip under the old policy
  • Fares
  • Home Country Travel Eligibility Date
  • Home Country Grant

Grandfathered trip under the old policy

The home country travel policy was changed on April 1, 2014 for staff (including advisors to executive directors).


  • For eligible staff assigned to HQ (refer to Staff Rule 06.13), the cash payments for home country travel are based on roundtrip air fares computed by the most direct route between Washington, D.C. and each country. A spouse/domestic partner and dependents aged two or older receive a payment based upon a full adult fare. Dependents are no longer eligible on their 25th birthday. No air fares are provided for children less than age two. Air fares are updated in April and October.
  • For eligible staff on Temporary Assignments, travel fares are computed on a case-by-case basis using duty station—home country—duty station routing after two years assignment at the duty station.
  • Fares to the U.S. from a duty station may differ considerably from fares published on the intranet that are computed U.S.—home country—U.S. Example: an American on assignment in Brazil would receive fares computed Brazil—U.S.—Brazil, which may differ from the U.S.—Brazil—U.S. fare received by a Brazilian working at HQ.
  • Domestic partner inclusion for home country travel applies only to eligibility dates on or after March 1, 2002.
  • Any home leave authorized by HR Operations from a country other than your duty station or to a destination other than your home country will be done at the lesser of:
    • your cost limit (duty station—home country—duty station); or
    • actual cost, for example, an Australian staff member married to a Canadian who chooses to travel to Washington D.C.—Canada—Washington D.C. for home leave will receive the lower actual cost since the entitlement (Washington D.C.—Australia—Washington D.C.) is higher.

Home Country Travel Eligibility Date

The home country travel eligibility date is based on your entry on duty date. However, this may be adjusted for periods of part-time work or leave without pay of more than 30 days. Alternatively, for staff who are eligible for home country travel due to a Temporary Assignment under Staff Rule 06.17, eligibility is based on the start date of the assignment.

Home Country Grant

A home country grant is provided to the staff member, spouse/domestic partner, and to all dependents from birth to age 25. The home country grant is provided to defray costs associated with home country travel leave such as visas, taxis etc. The home country grant is $1,600 for the staff member, and $800 for the spouse/domestic partner, and each eligible child.


In case of conflict between this guidance and the applicable staff rule, the staff rule prevails.