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Enroll in Continuation Medical Benefits Plan (CMBP)



The Continuation Medical Benefits Plan (CMBP) is available at the end of the Active Medical Benefits Plan (AMBP).

This page covers the following information:

  • Eligibility
  • Considerations for Enrollment
  • Enroll yourself and/or the eligible dependents into CMBP


  • The CMBP provides coverage for a maximum of 36 months or three years from ending AMBP.
  • Enrollment into CMBP should be done within 60 days from the date when the AMBP coverage ends.

CMBP is available to:

  • a former locally-hired staff member who held a local regular, open, term, or extended-term appointment in a country office. This excludes staff and their dependents who committed fraud against MBP when they had AMBP coverage.
  • a divorcee who has not been re-married.
  • a biological or legally adopted dependent child or step-child of a current spouse or domestic partner registered with the World Bank Group, upon attainment of age 26.
    • Exception: A child who meets the criteria of disability or handicap, as determined and approved by the insurance administrator, is eligible for AMBP coverage. The child's disability or handicapped status must be determined and approved by the insurance administrator before the child's 25th birthday or one month following the 25th birthday at the latest.
  • the child of an expectant CMBP member, if, at the termination of AMBP, the staff member enrolling in CMBP has paid for the CMBP option that includes the coverage for the unborn child.

CMBP with no maximum time limit is available to staff who go on leave without pay (LWOP) for more than 31 days or external service without pay (ESWOP). Staff on LWOP or ESWOP can also choose to suspend medical insurance coverage for the duration of LWOP or ESWOP. If a staff member elects to suspend MBP coverage during LWOP/ESWOP, s/he will be reinstated in the same MBP coverage upon return to pay status. New eligible dependents, acquired during LWOP/ESWOP, will not be enrolled in the MBP upon the staff member’s return to pay status. The staff member will have to wait for the open enrollment period, held in November, to enroll new eligible dependents.

Considerations for Enrollment

1.    Staff enrolled in CMBP may not add a new eligible dependent resulting from marriage, birth, or legal adoption once they have enrolled in CMBP. The following are exceptions to this rule:

a.    At the termination of AMBP, if the staff member or the person who wishes to participate in CMBP is expecting a baby, s/he can pay for the CMBP option that will include the coverage for the unborn child. The newborn will also be an eligible dependent when s/he is born. Additional eligible dependents acquired that will change the coverage plan to the next plan option will not be enrolled in CMBP. For example, if a staff member buys Plan 2—self +1 dependent—from Plan 1 at the start of CMBP, and s/he later acquires additional dependents, the dependents will not be eligible for coverage in Plan 2. Additional dependents would have been covered if the staff member had opted for a higher plan.

b.    Staff on LWOP/ESWOP may add new dependents only if they have elected to continue MBP coverage during LWOP/ESWOP.

2.    Note that, except in a medical emergency, your medical bills while on CMBP will be reimbursed based on the costs you would have incurred at your final duty country. Your final duty country, rather than current location, is the basis for the “reasonable and customary” reimbursement rates for medical services.

3.    Members who wish to enroll in CMBP must pay a prorated amount of the Bank Group's share and staff share in advance, covering the start of CMBP to June, for the option elected. HR Operations will notify the MBP administrator of the annual renewal premium covering the period July to June. Refer to the Current MBP Premium Structure.


Members in CMBP pay an unsubsidized premium.

4.    To calculate the yearly renewal CMBP premium for terminated staff and dependents of active staff, the country office’s Total Merit Increase (TMI) will be used.

For question and clarifications, Write to HR.

Enroll self and/or eligible dependents into CMBP




Action by Staff


Decide on the coverage plan: 1, 2, 4, or 7.

Contribution as a Percentage of Monthly Salary

Coverage Category

Contribution as a % of Monthly Salary

1: Staff member only (A)


2: Staff member plus 1 eligible family member (B)


4: Staff member plus 2, 3, or 4 eligible family members (C)


7: Staff member plus 5 or more eligible family members (D)



The decision needs to be made and an application submitted to HR Operations within 60 days of the end of AMBP coverage. Only those enrolled in AMBP are eligible for CMBP coverage.


Check the updated coverage status via myHR Self Service and download the MBP/MIP Continuation Form for your eligible dependent(s) via myHR Self-Service > Insurance > MBP/MIP Continuation Form and if applicable, send it to your dependent(s). The continuation form will also be emailed to you within one hour after you generate it in myHR Self-Service.


Complete and send the application form and payment following the instructions on the form.

The form will include details on the premium.


An active staff member has 60 days from the 1st day of the month after the end of coverage date or the date of receipt of the confirmation email from HR, whichever is later, to download the continuation form from myHR Self-Service.


If you are going on LWOP, make your election on form 2045. The form will be included in the terms and conditions memo sent by HR Operations.

If you are going on ESWOP, make your election on form 2046. The form will be included in your terms and conditions memo sent by HR Operations.


You must complete the form indicating your election to continue or suspend MBP coverage during your absence. If you elect to continue MBP coverage, submit the completed form for signature and the prorated payment to your MBP administrator or back up prior to start of your LWOP or ESWOP. If you do not submit the form, your MBP coverage will be suspended a month following the start of your absence for the entire duration of your absence including any future extensions of your absence.


Submit the completed CMBP form and pay the premium, via check or wire transfer, to your local MBP administrator or back up.


Action by MBP Administrator


Review, sign, and forward the CMBP form and the SAP posting of payment to HR Operations at for processing.


Action by Staff


You can request the prorated premium to be deducted from your final pay. You need to contact Payroll Service Desk to request the withholding with a copy to HR Operations.


If payment of premium has not been made within 60 days of end of AMBP coverage, your coverage under MBP will end on the last day of the month in which your employment ended.