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Developmental Assignment - Return (with no work location changes or initiated prior to January 1, 2016)


This checklist provides information on how to return from a Developmental Assignment (DA):

  • within a country office (CO) or HQ with no work location changes
  • initiated prior to January 1, 2016

For a return from DA (from HQ to CO, CO to CO, or CO to HQ) on or after January 1, 2016, refer to the Developmental Assignment - Return (with work location changes).

For considerations on G4 visa holders, refer to Absence from the U.S.

It is mandatory to initiate a "DA-Return" action upon return from the assignment following the actions outlined below.




Action by Releasing Manager


Initiates the 'Return from Developmental Assignment' action via myHR Self-Service. A notification email is sent to the releasing VPU HR Team.

Refer to Developmental Assignment - Return.


  • The releasing manager is the staff member's original manager.
  • If a proxy initiates the action, the releasing manager must first approve it.

Action by HR


Generate a Personnel Action Form (PAF).