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Correct I-94 for G4 Visa, G4 Dependent, and/or G5 Dependent


This page outlines the steps to be followed when a G4 staff member, G4 dependent, and/or G5 visa holder needs to correct mistakes recorded in the online I-94, available here.

If U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued you Form I-94, Record of Entry, with incorrect information such as misspelled name, incorrect date of birth, visa classification, or date of admission, complete the steps below for HR Operations to request a correction through the U.S. State Department.


For G5 domestic employees and dependents: If the G5 domestic employee’s and dependent’s I-94 is updated incorrectly as D/S (duration of stay) instead of an expiration date by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, it can only be corrected by the actual G5 holder visiting a deferred inspection site (Dulles Airport or BWI Airport).

Requests to correct I-94 errors through State Department may take up to four weeks to complete.

Before visiting one of the Customs and Border Protection offices below, please make sure to get an appointment by calling the phone numbers indicated.

To expedite I-94 error corrections, the staff member or dependent(s) should visit one of the Customs and Border Protections’ Deferred Inspection Units for the Washington, D.C. Metro Area below:

  • BWI Airport
    Lower Level, Pier E
    Baltimore, MD 21202
    (410) 865-2100, option 1
  • Dulles International Airport
    1 Saarinen Circle
    Main Terminal, Lower Level, West End
    Sterling, VA 2016
    (703) 661-2800 option 4

Below are the actions that staff members should take for submitting a request to correct an I-94 Record of Entry to HR Operations for processing.





Action by Staff


Complete the F00151 Correction of I-94 on myHR Self-Service (available only on Bank's intranet).


Submit these documents to HR Operations:

  • Form I-102
  • Current passport
  • Copy of I-94, if available
  • Copies of the G4 staff member’s latest I-94 record and passport bio page, if the applicant is a G4 dependent.
  • Letter explaining the reason for correction of the I-94 (Refer to page 3 of form F00151)