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Claim Medical Expense Reimbursement for Medical Benefits Plan - For Country Office Staff


Members are encouraged to submit their claims via the secure Cigna website. Use of e-claim is strongly encouraged to submit your claim. If a claim submission through any of the options listed below is not possible, members can submit their claims to the insurance administrator at as soon as possible. Claims not submitted by the end of the calendar year following the year in which the service was provided, will be rejected for reimbursement. For example, a claim for services provided in July 2013 must be submitted to the insurance administrator no later than December 31, 2014.


  • For in-patient direct billing agreements, Cigna pays the medical provider directly. Co-pay and non-covered items are deducted from the staff member's payroll.
  • For out-patient direct billing agreements, the member should contact Cigna.




Action by Staff


Submit your medical or dental claim via the secure Cigna website.

The invoices can be scanned and attached to the e-claim. If you need assistance in submitting your claim electronically, contact Cigna.

For members who have other insurance coverage in addition to Cigna, the claim should be submitted to that insurance administrator first before submitting to Cigna for further consideration. Along with your claim to Cigna, you must include a copy of the explanation of benefits (EOB) statement from your primary insurance.


Use of e-claim is strongly encouraged to submit your claim.


If you choose not to submit your claim via e-claim, you can submit your claim to Cigna by post or courier.

Enclose the claim in a sealed envelope and place in the drop box indicated by your Medical Benefits Plan (MBP) administrator. Your MBP administrator will inform you of the date when the claim will be mailed to Cigna. The MBP claim should be sent to Cigna claims office by courier or express delivery. The country office pays for the courier service.

Do not use the diplomatic pouch to send your claim to Cigna. There are no Cigna offices on the Bank's premises.

Cigna will process your claim within five business days from the date of receipt of the claim, provided there is no missing information. They will send you the EOB statement by email.

Reimbursement amount is loaded to the Bank Group's payroll on the next day and paid in the next pay cycle.

The currency of reimbursement is the same currency in which the staff member contributes to MBP. The rate of exchange is based on the date the expenses were incurred, as used by Cigna.


Active Staff: Access myHR Self-Service to see the amount reimbursable to you with the next pay cycle.

If the reimbursement amount is significant, that is, 10 percent or more of your monthly salary:

1.    Print the MBP reimbursement amount and send it to your RM staff or your MBP administrator.

2.    Provide a copy to the country office accountant (COA) who will create an invoice in SAP, debiting the salary adjustment account and crediting the staff vendor account.

3.    Receive cash or check.

4.    The COA creates a debit memo in the staff vendor account crediting the salary adjustment account in the amount just paid. This creates a deduction in Payroll in the next pay period on the advanced amount.

5.    The COA sends an email to Payroll Service Desk advising the document number for the two transactions mentioned above.

Retiree or Continuation Plan Members will receive the reimbursement in their personal bank account. For this, the banking details should have been provided to the insurance administrator.


Contact HR Operations:

  • for questions regarding eligibility and MBP enrollment.
  • For questions on the status of the claim, coverage, network issues, or guarantee of payment, send an email to Cigna