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Medical Underwriting for CO Staff – Optional Group Term Life Insurance or Optional Dependent Group Term Life Insurance


Country office (CO)-based regular, open, term staff, and executive directors are eligible for Optional or Optional Dependent’s Group Term Life Insurance. 'Late Enrollment' is required when staff have not elected the life insurance option within 60 days of entry on duty or a qualifying life event, for example, birth, death of dependent, divorce, marriage, legal adoption, establishment of a domestic partnership, dissolution of a domestic partnership.

Late Enrollment entails providing the Bank Group's life insurer with detailed medical information about the applicants. The insurance company then decides (based on their standard medical underwriting criteria) whether or not to approve the additional life insurance coverage amount. The decision is made solely by the Bank Group's life insurer. HR Operations has no influence or control over Late Enrollment decisions, and cannot overrule the life insurer.




Action by Staff


Access myHR Self-Service. Use the following menu path: Statements and Letters >> Letters >> Employment Verification Letters.


Select the 'Cigna Evidence of Insurability Letter' and elect the increased level of Optional Group Life Insurance coverage you wish to apply for.


Print the letter from myHR Self-Service and get your manager to sign it. Make a copy of the letter for your records.


Your application will be rejected by Cigna unless your manager has signed the letter.


Complete the Cigna Evidence of Insurability form, which is either attached or will be sent to you under a different cover. This is your application to Cigna for the increased coverage.


Mail the original employment verification letter and the completed Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form to Cigna in Antwerp, Belgium (to the address listed in the EOI instructions).


Do not send any forms to HR Operations.


Receive the decision from the Bank Group's life insurer or a request for additional medical information to support your application.


About 60 percent of late enrollment applications require urinalysis and blood profile results performed within the past six months. You may be required to submit results of these tests to the life insurer. If you have not had these particular tests in the past six months, you may need to have them done at your expense.


Action by HR


Receive a report monthly confirming which applications are approved and send a confirmation email to staff regarding the enrollment action taken.


Action by Staff


Receive the notification for your enrollment via email from HR Operations. It usually takes five business days for HR Operations to process your request. You can also view your enrollment status via myHR Self-Service.