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Medical Insurance Administrators, Switching between Cigna International Health Services and Aetna - Change Insurance Administrators


Staff assigned away from headquarters and retirees with a non-U.S. pension mailing address may elect use of Aetna Global Benefits, a U.S. insurance broker and employee insurance benefits administrator or Cigna International Health Services, a global health services organization accepted in over 100 countries, administered by a Belgian-based insurance broker and employee benefits administrator (formerly Vanbreda International), to administer the medical claims for their Medical Insurance Plan (MIP). Both administrators provide world-wide coverage.

Participants who choose Aetna as the administrator for their medical claims will have MIP dental claims administered by Cigna Dental, and will have vision claims administered by Eye Med. Participants who choose Cigna International as their medical claims’ administrator will have all claims (medical, dental, and vision) administered by Cigna International.

Deadlines for Changing Insurance Administrator

Administration of medical insurance can be changed, with specified deadlines, from:

1.    Aetna to Cigna International Health Services by:

a.    Retirees with a non-U.S. pension mailing address:

       i.        New retirees enroll with Cigna within 60 days of their initial relocation outside of the U.S.

       ii.        Within 60 days of any pension mailing address update.

       iii.        Every December (for effect the following calendar year).

b.    Active staff assigned away from HQ:

       i.        Extended Assignment away from Headquarters under Staff Rule 06.17 Extended Assignment Benefits.

       ii.        Appointment to 'HQ Satellite' duty station (Paris, Tokyo, London, Brussels, Rome, etc.).

       iii.        External Service (with or without pay) for at least one full calendar year (January to December).

       iv.        Leave without pay for at least one full calendar year (January to December).

       v.        Telecommuting assignment outside the U.S. of at least one full calendar year.

       vi.        Short Term Assignment away from HQ for at least one full calendar year.


  • All enrollment elections need to be made prior to the arrival at the new duty station. Staff may request a change in December of any given year for effect the following January. If Cigna is elected, staff must stay in that Option until the following December change season, at which time they can switch administrators again.
  • Staff with Sponsored Plan coverage for an elderly parent or parent-in-law cannot select the Cigna option.

2.    Cigna International Health Services to Aetna by:

a.    Retirees returning to US and changing their pension mailing address to a US address (within 60 days of change in address).

b.    Active staff returning from an overseas assignment to HQ.

The change in administrator is automatic for staff returning to HQ. The Option (A, B) remains the same for the remainder of the calendar year but can be changed in November for effect the following January 1 (there is no choice to continue with Cigna when the work location is in the U.S.).