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Information on Conversion Plan after Ending Continuation Medical Insurance Plan


Staff will lose coverage under the Continuation Medical Insurance Plan (CMIP) program after 36 months of enrollment. You may choose to enroll in a conversion plan.


Eligibility is automatic, and no medical underwriting is required.

Conversion plan coverage is significantly less than the coverage under MIP and conversion insurance is expensive as it assumes a high degree of medical risk. Premiums and plan availability differ depending on where the insured person lives.

U.S. Residents

Effective December 31, 2013, Aetna does not offer conversion plans because of the revised U.S. healthcare options.

Non-U.S. Residents

Cigna offers two options:

  • Conversion plan that includes global and U.S. coverage
  • Conversion plan for only non-U.S. coverage

Both Cigna options are limited to two years.




Action by Staff


U.S. Residents:

Contact Aetna or other major insurance providers for private coverage. You may also visit to know more about the exchange plans in your state.

Non-U.S. Residents:

Contact Cigna or call + 323-217-5766 to request for a conversion plan.

You must apply to Cigna before the end of your CMIP coverage.


Submit the completed conversion plan documentation to the insurance provider.