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Development Finance (DFi)

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The World Bank’s Development Finance (DFi) Vice Presidency is responsible for managing and monitoring policies and procedures for World Bank development financing vehicles. DFi engages in strategic resource mobilization, playing an intermediation role to help align the needs of recipients, World Bank Group institutional priorities, and priorities of funding partners through a variety of funding instruments. These include the International Development Association (IDA) and trust funds, including financial intermediary funds (FIFs). DFi also monitors IBRD’s financial sustainability and ensures effective utilization and prudent management of its financial resources.

Influenced by the ambitious Financing for Development agenda, DFi has moved from an exclusive focus on concessional finance to a broader focus on development finance. Our approach leverages the financial resources and instruments of the entire World Bank Group to increase the pool and types of funding available to clients, particularly for transformative projects. DFi is also at the vanguard of pursuing innovative approaches to tap private resources, including through the issuance of bonds on the capital markets to scale up IDA financing.


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