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Transport Research



Working Paper
Minjares Ray, Wagner David Vance, Baral Anil, Chambliss Sarah, Galarza Sebastian, Posada Francisco, Sharpe Ben, Wu Grace, Blumberg Kate, Kamakate Fanta, Lloyd Alan, Kojima Masami, Hamilton Kirk, Johnson Todd, Kopp Andreas, Hosier Richard, Akbar SameerApr 02, 2014

A 2013 scientific assessment of black carbon emissions and impacts found that black carbon is second to carbon dioxide in terms of its climate forcing. High concentrations of black carbon in the atmosphere can ...

Bhalla Kavi, Shotten Marc, Cohen Aaron, Brauer Michael, Shahraz Saeid, Burnett Richard, Leach-Kemon Katherine, Freedman Greg, Murray Christopher J. L.Mar 31, 2014

This report summarizes the findings of a long and meticulous journey of data gathering and analysis to quantify the health losses from road deaths and injuries worldwide, as part of the path-finding Global Burden...

Working Paper
Fransoo Jan C.Jan 26, 2014

Logistics is the backbone of industry and commerce. As a discipline, it describes the management and coordination of activities along supply chains. These activities include freight transport, storage, inventory ...

Working Paper
Jan 01, 2014

This note describes a number of innovations taken by some Chinese cities, in particular Jinzhou, Liaoning province, to ensure that urban transport systems are more accessible for the mobility-challenged. Public...

Annual Report
Jan 01, 2014

Significant achievements of the Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF) in 2012 include: 1) completing a road safety management capacity review in the Indian State of Gujarat, which has shaped a 20 USD million road...

Vietnam Logistics Infographic

In Vietnam, improvements in the transport and trade logistics sectors can drive future economic growth by increasing competitiveness and productivity. Read More »

Flagship report
Turning the Right Corner

Developing countries need to transition to a low-carbon transport sector now to avoid locking themselves into an unsustainable and costly future. Read More »