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The World Bank's Inequality in Focus newsletter informs the public policy debate on equity, inequality of opportunity, and socioeconomic mobility. Inequality in Focus features articles written by World Bank staff, as well as researchers and policy makers from the broader development community. 

In the latest issue...
  • we explore how and why low aspirations are perpetuated across generations, as well as links to inequality and unrest.
  • we explain the overlap and the gap between facts and perceptions of inequality, and discuss the relevance of both in policy interventions.
Who are we?
Executive Editor

Pedro Olinto

Editorial Team

Christina Malmberg Calvo (Sector Manager); Maximillian Ashwill (Managing Editor); Julie Barbet-Gros and Fernanda Luchine Ishihara (Research Staff); Maura K. Leary (Web Editor); Mary Anne Mulligan (Copy Editing/Design) and Anna Reva (Production).

Open Quotes

When specific social groups consistently aim for low goals...a certain level of bias likely exists, perpetuating an unequal socioeconomic hierarchy. Close Quotes

Svenja Flechtner
University of Flensburg, Germany

What drives inequality and how does it affect poverty reduction efforts and economic growth? The World Bank's Inequality in Focus newsletter seeks to answer these and many other questions.