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Extractive Industries Research



Mar 01,2014

The key messages for this brief are as follows: 1) Africa has a window of opportunity to enlarge the economic benefits from its booming oil, gas, and minerals industries; 2) The lack of specialized expertise is a...

Working Paper
Robbins Adam B., Smith GregoryFeb 01,2014

Mongolia is currently experiencing a rapid economic transformation generated by vast mineral discoveries. Starting in the past decade, a boom in mining exploration confirmed the existence of large mineral ...

Working Paper
Armas Enrique Blanco, Fisker Peter, Naikal EstherJan 01,2014

The objective of this policy note is to inform policy discussions around the management of natural resources and reforms needed to translate natural capital into other forms of capital, and it does so by using...

Annual Report
Dec 19,2013

The Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) is both part of the World Bank's response to its own extractive industries review in 2002 and one of the many tools identified in the Bank's governance and anti-corruption...

Working Paper
Popoitai Yasap, Ofosu-Amaah Waafas, Amani Lwanzo, Bennet Lesley, Chiongson Rea Abada, Gandini CamillaDec 01,2013

In mining communities, women in particular often bear the negative consequences associated with mismanagement of extractive industries. Women need to be part of the processes and strategies aimed at transforming...

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