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Data from World Bank
Rachel Kyte, Group Vice President & Special Envoy, Climate Change, World Bank
World Bank Group Vice President and Special Envoy,
Marianne Fay, Chief Economist for Sustainable Development, The World Bank
Chief Economist, Sustainable Development & Climate Change
Logo of Climate Investment Funds
The Climate Investment Funds are made up of four funding windows to help developing countries pilot low-emissions and climate-resilient development.
Smoke billows out of a smokestack in a factory. - Photo: Shutterstock
The Montreal Protocol is an international treaty to eliminate the production and consumption of ozone-depleting chemicals.
A windfarm in Kavarna, Bulgaria. - Photo: Ivelina Taushanova/World Bank
Since 2008, the World Bank has issued green bonds worth over $4.5 billion through 60 transactions and 17 currencies. These bonds support climate-related projects such as increasing energy efficiency and developing renewable energy.
Boy in Cote d'Ivoire shows his school work. Photo: Ami Vitali
IDA helps the poorest nations adapt to climate change. We help them build resilience against disasters, and we promote sustainable development to minimize their vulnerability in a changing world.
Workers are building a seawall in Tarawa, Kiribati. - Photo: Lauren Day/World Bank
The Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery is a partnership of 41 countries and eight international organizations committed to helping developing countries reduce their vulnerability to natural hazards and adapt to climate change.