ICP Handbooks and Operational Guides


ICP 2011

ICP Book - The Framework, Methodology, and Results of the ICP:

Measuring the Real Size of the World Economy: The Framework, Methodology, and Results of the International Comparison Program (ICP)

Measuring the Real Size of the World Economy is the most comprehensive accounting ever presented by the International Comparison Program (ICP) of the theory and methods underlying the estimation of purchasing power parities (PPPs).

Operational Guide:

Operational Guidelines and Procedures for Measuring the Real Size of the World Economy

The Guide is a compilation of ICP operational material prepared by the ICP Global Office staff and consultants for the 2011 round of the program. It describes the approach and data requirements for the main price survey and special surveys, including various guidelines produced and survey forms. It also covers the framework and requirements for National Accounts activities for the ICP. In addition, the Guide offers guidelines for data validation, computing national annual averages, calculating PPPs, aggregation, and linking.

The Guide uses material prepared under the ICP global and regional programs, as well as OECD and Eurostat material on their PPP program. The Guide also relies on material from the ICP book mentioned above.


ICP 2005


The ICP Methodological Handbook

The ICP 2005 Handbook was at the center of a range of documentation prepared for the 2005 ICP Round. It provides the theoretical and methodological background that guided the data collection, analysis, and estimation of PPPs for the ICP results; and in some cases the choices of methodology that could be used.

Operational Manual:

ICP 2005 Operational Manual


Other resources

Eurostat-OECD PPP manual:

EUROSTAT-OECD Methodological manual on purchasing power parities (available on the OECD website