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Accelerated and Shared Growth for Peace Consolidation

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Burundi: Commitments by Fiscal Year (in millions of dollars)*

*Amounts include IBRD and IDA commitments

Data from World Bank
Philippe Dongier
Country Director for Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda
Jacques Morisset
Lead Economist
Regional Integration in Africa
Regional integration and collaboration offers a means to overcome Africa's most pressing obstacles to development.
Disaster Risk Management
Over the last four decades, Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced more than 1,000 disasters, threatening development and putting recent economic gains at risk.
International Development Association
IDA aims to reduce poverty by providing interest free credits and grants for programs that improve living conditions in the world's poorest countries.
50 Things You Didn't Know About Africa
A collection of facts and figures from the World Bank's Africa Development Indicators that highlight economic details in Sub-Saharan Africa's 48 countries.
 Doing Business in Burundi
The Doing Business Project provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement. See where Burundi ranks on the "Ease of Doing Business."