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In Latin America and the Caribbean we are talented and skilled. We are the land of opportunities. We take action.

Venezuelan migrants who have become entrepreneurs. Communities in Mexico promoting sustainable forests. Students in Ecuador learning thanks to new technologies.

Latin America and the Caribbean is full of examples like these. We are strong and creative in a region that never stops moving forward.

#WeTakeAction. We work together to promote education, inclusion and resilience in the face of climate change.

This company has helped me progress both as a woman and as an entrepreneur. I am very proud of myself and my co-workers because this work has enabled us to get to know other places
Silvia Rodríguez Juárez
Treasurer of Cihuame Ixtlauatl, Mexico

Learn better with virtual reality in Ecuador

In Ecuador, virtual reality and augmented reality are revolutionizing the way students learn about automotive mechanics, safety and prevention of occupational risks. Get to know ActivVaR, the first immersive learning program that we have promoted in this country to improve educational experiences.

Every year, more than 600 students in Ecuador are helped to learn with augmented reality and virtual reality technology



Migrants and refugees, strength for development

Colombia and Peru are two of the main receiving countries in the region for Venezuelan migrants and refugees. Our task is to integrate them into society and strengthen host communities.

In Colombia, 1 million Venezuelan migrants and refugees can now work and study legally


Forest conservation and sustainability in action

In Mexico, the Strengthening Entrepreneurship in Productive Forest Landscapes Project promotes the sustainable management and conservation of forests, while it generates economic opportunities. Local communities and indigenous communities play an essential role in this process.

In Mexico, local communities conserve  61% of forests. More than 172,000 people benefit directly, of which 27% are women



From Mexico to Argentina, we are a region that never stops. People grow and reinvent themselves by learning through innovation, while protecting the environment.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, #WeTakeAction to create more opportunities for all.

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Girls at school in Haiti. Enrollment rates in primary school increased in the past decade
Delivering of textbooks and kits to over 80,000 students, 2,000 teachers and 400 principals in more than 260 public and community schools in #Haiti supports access to quality learning. #WeTakeAction
Farmer woman in Jamaica. This greenhouse project is helping farmers and community members with water storage
This greenhouse project in #Jamaica is helping farmers and community members with water storage for months of drought, while protecting crops from harmful climate conditions. #WeTakeAction
A construction worker in Haiti. The disaster risk management project supported the training of 7,000 skilled masons
A project that supported training for 7,000 skilled masons expanded their expertise to strengthen houses in the earthquake-impacted rural zones of #Haiti. #WeTakeAction
 Rose grower in Cayambé, Ecuador
Technified irrigation is changing people's lives in #Ecuador. Small and medium-sized community associations can now run businesses at a bigger profit. #WeTakeAction