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Urban Innovations: Conversations on Green, Inclusive, Resilient and Competitive Cities


Dan Kinkead, Director of Projects, Detroit Future City

Chisako Fukuda/World Bank

As cities grow at unprecedented speed, getting urbanization right holds the key to sustainable development. Improving living conditions, especially in slums and hazard-prone areas, creating jobs, expanding coverage and quality of basic services, as well as building resilience against climate, disasters, and other risks, are just some of the challenges that cities are grappling with today.  

The World Bank is working to support urbanization that will help make cities in developing countries become green, inclusive, resilient, and competitive, with strong systems that will improve the lives of citizens, especially the poor and marginalized.  

Among the knowledge informing this work are ideas and initiatives in cities around the world at all stages of development. Cities are where development challenges meet solutions. Through these conversations, experts share their innovations to help shape the discussion around sustainable urban development. 


Detroit’s Future City Framework Offers Lessons on Resilience
Dan Kinkead, Director of Projects, Detroit Future City

Carbon Banking Helps Families Reduce CO2 Emissions in Gwangju
Kwi-gon Kim, Secretary General, Urban Environmental Accords Secretariat

Urban Innovations is a series of conversations with experts about innovations that can help shape the discussion around sustainable urban development.