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BRIEFDecember 14, 2023

Highway Development and Management Model Version 4.2 – Progress in the Upgrade to Ensure the centrality of resilience and climate change in Road Management

A photo of wet asphalt

The Highway Development and Management Model Four, Version 2.0, (HDM-4) is a software application which serves as a primary tool for road administrations in the analysis, planning, management and appraisal of road maintenance, improvements, and investment decisions.

HDM-4 supports business-level decisions, such as technical and economic appraisals of road investment projects, standards, and strategies. The software helps determine the most economically efficient maintenance and improvement strategy for a road network. 

However, it is twenty years since the last major upgrade, and the HDM 4 software is missing some of the coverage and functionality demanded by clients in the 21st Century in terms of:

  • Climate Change;
  • Resilience;
  • Greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Road safety benefits;
  • Tertiary roads;
  • Changes in the Vehicle Fleet;
  • Wider economic impacts;
  • Indexing of the real value of time and life; and
  • Changing to a cloud-based service.

The World Bank and its partners – The Asian Development Bank, the United Kingdom Foreign Commonwealth Development Office, the European Investment Bank, and the World Road Congress (PIARC) – are working together to upgrade HDM-4, with a new version slated to become available in 2025.

The HDM-4 Upgrade program is being made possible by the financial support from the Japan-Bank Program for Mainstreaming DRM in Developing Countries, which is financed by the Government of Japan and receives technical support from the World Bank GFDRR Tokyo Disaster Risk Management Hub.

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Last Updated: May 01, 2024