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publication December 11, 2018

Trade and Poverty Reduction: New Evidence of Impacts in Developing Countries


GENEVA, Switzerland, December 11, 2018 – Trade and Poverty Reduction: New Evidence of Impacts in Developing Countries, a joint publication released today by The World Bank Group and the World Trade Organization, presents eight case studies that demonstrate ways trade can help reduce poverty in developing countries.

Global trade has been a significant contributor to poverty reduction, however, challenges remain to make sure that all people can reap the benefits of trade. This publication makes the case for policies that address the four constraints faced by the extreme poor - that they tend to live in rural areas, work in the informal sector, live in fragile and conflict-affected regions and face gender inequality.

Trade and Poverty Reduction is a follow-up publication to The Role of Trade in Ending Poverty, co-published by the WTO and the World Bank in 2015, which examined the challenges the poor face in benefiting from trade opportunities. The country-specific lessons in this new report from Ghana, Tunisia, Tanzania, Lao PDR and Cambodia, Vietnam, the manufacturing sector in Africa, and Uganda complement the global nature of the previous collaboration.