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BRIEFNovember 14, 2022

Safe Schools: Supporting the Future of Learning through Safe Schools

Safe Schools is the World Bank’s program to assist countries to design and implement sustainable safe school policies and practices. Safe and inclusive schools are one of the five pillars of the World Bank’s vision for the future of learning and a key aspect of RAPID Framework for learning recovery.

To support use of more effective approaches for mitigating school risks and to accelerate efforts for learning recovery, the program aims to provide practical guidance and resources to policymakers, practitioners, and school leaders and teachers.

The program also supports ongoing consultations, outreach, and partnerships with other organizations working in this area and key stakeholders as part of its effort to ensure a unified vision on promoting safe schools.

What are Safe Schools?

School safety is a critical contributor to positive student, teacher, and school-level outcomes. Schools are safe when all students, teachers, and staff can thrive in a welcoming environment that supports learninghealth and well-being, and positive relationships. Schools are any setting in which learning occurs, be it virtually or in person, formal or informal, and includes the physical and remote spaces in which education takes place, as well as the non-physical aspects of the school environment, such as norms and values.

Five Measurable Characteristics of Safe Schools

School safety includes five measurable characteristics—each of which can impact the safety levels of students, teachers, and the environment in which the teaching and learning occurs. 

Safe schools

To learn more about the characteristics of school safety and how to measure them, visit the Resources page

Safe Schools Resources

The Safe Schools Program builds on existing knowledge and products developed and identified by the Bank as supporting safe school practices and supports collaboration with thematic areas both within the education Global Practice (GP) and with other relevant sectors.

The Safe Schools Program is in the process of developing a set of open-access global public goods in the form of resources for policymakers, practitioners, school and system-level leaders, and teachers. 

The Safe Schools resources have been designed to provide guidance for supporting and sustaining safe school policies and practices through a review of global evidence, experience, and cross-sectoral stakeholder engagements with experts in the field.

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