Economics of Tobacco Toolkit

These tools were written for use by people who want to research issues in the economics of tobacco control in a specific country. The tools aim to provide clear step-by-step guidance on what analysis to do, how to do it, and how to report and present the results. Each tool has been written by an expert in the field, and reviewed by 2 or more peers.

Publication date: 2002 for Tools 4: Employment, and 5: Equity, 2001 for Tools 1: Data, 2: Demand, 3: Taxes and 6: Smuggling

Tool 1: DATA 

Describes the data needed, where to find it, and how to prepare data for use.

Tool 2: DEMAND

Explains how to estimate the price elasticity of demand for tobacco products, and how these elasticity estimates can be used to predict the likely impact of changes in tax rates on consumption and on government revenues.

Tool 3: TAXES

Details the design and administration of tobacco taxes, comparing specific and ad valorem taxes.


Explains how to estimate tobacco-related employment, and how to estimate the possible impact that a fall in tobacco consumption would have on total employment.

Tool 5: EQUITY

Discusses how to investigate the likely impact of tobacco control on poor people.


Explains the types of tobacco product smuggling and different methods to estimate the size of the problem.