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Global Public Procurement Database

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The World Bank’s Global Public Procurement Database (GPPD) captures data about country procurement and e-Procurement systems at a global level. The aim of the GPPD is to promote procurement reform and innovation through improved transparency and knowledge-sharing, by providing a publicly available online database of global public procurement information. The GPPD project implementation commenced in April 2019 and is now publicly available.

The GPPD is ethe one-stop online product of choice for the global public procurement community, where practitioners, government officials, academics, NGOs, industry and other interested parties can access and share data and knowledge to better enable global public procurement reform and adoption of best practices.

The GPPD project outcomes are:

  • To develop a comprehensive web-based tool which will capture diagnostic procurement related information; such information is expected to form a common, worldwide standard for collecting and sharing information on public procurement, covering: a) governance, b) operations, c) ICT systems and d) results per country;
  • To generate demand for country procurement reforms and e-Procurement implementations to increase development outcomes;
  • To provide appropriate channels for information dissemination and knowledge sharing, facilitating synergies between existing procurement communities.

The GPPD enables public procurement stakeholders to perform efficiently, effectively, consistently and based on best practices. Furthermore, the GPPD contributes to the modernization and strengthening of public procurement systems worldwide.

Data Collection:

Within the GPPD project, procurement and e-Procurement related data was collected at the global level. The GPPD stored this data and makes it available through a web-based interface. This data is sourced from Public Procurement Authorities (PPAs), desk research conducted to collect data from country procurement reports and trusted online databases and accredited specialists.

To retrieve the procurement related data from the PPAs, a GPPD Data Elements Template was created. This template defines five logical content categories, each one addressing the topics of:

    I.     Country Profile Information;

    II.    Public Procurement Agency Information and Public Procurement Law;

    III.   eProcurement Information;

    IV.    Value for Money, Fair Competition & Transparency Information;

    V.     Procurement Cycle Metrics.

The content of the standardized Data Elements’ template was formalized as a questionnaire defining the set of data that will be addressed to the PPA representatives of each country. The questionnaire and expected answers are in the English language (United States).

Further information can be found in the documentation available under the “Related Documents” section of the current web-page.

The GPPD Project is commissioned and funded by the World Bank with implementation by European Dynamics SA. For further information, please contact: or the Task Team Leader (Hunt La Cascia – Sr. Procurement Specialist)

To learn more about the Global Public Procurement Database, read our press release, feature story, and a blog about how different actors can use the GPPD.