Harmonized List of Fragile Situations


The World Bank Group’s (WBG) Fragile, Conflict and Violence Group (formally the Center on Conflict, Security and Development CCSD) annually releases the Harmonized List of Fragile Situations.

The first such list was compiled in fiscal year 2006 and has gone through a series of changes in terms of classification from the Low Income Countries Under Stress List (LICUS) (2006-2009), to the Fragile States List (2010) to the now Harmonized list of Fragile Situations (2011-2015). The concept and the list have evolved as the WBG’s understanding of the development challenges in countries affected by violence and instability has matured.

This information note provides a brief historical overview of the progression of the list to date, as well as some comments on current limitations of the FCS list, and future directions. 

Last Updated: Jul 01, 2018