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BRIEF November 16, 2021

Global Fintech-enabling regulations database

This database consists of nearly 200 countries around the globe primarily to serve client and staff needs to be able to access, compare and contrast fintech related regulation globally. Information was collected from mostly desk-based review and is supplemented by our in-country knowledge. The countries were chosen include IBRD, IDA and Blend countries as well as the advanced economies.

The information collected focuses primarily on legislation and regulations implemented, but also includes related guidelines where relevant. These are laid out in a searchable, easy to use format. The database covers country treatments of both foundational regulation such anti-money laundering and countering of financial terrorism and the existence of rules to combat cybercrime as well as regulations specific to fintech business models such as digital banking and cryptoassets and marketplace lending. Data is current to July 2021, however where public information was not available this has not been included.