Environment Matters

The Environment Matters series was created as a review on the environment by the World Bank Group. Most editions highlight the environmental research, accomplishments, and challenges of the Bank’s regions in the previous year. The 2012 special edition, after a hiatus, took a retrospective look at the World Bank Group's environmental efforts since the Earth Summit at Rio, 20 years earlier.

2012: Rio+20
2009: Biodiversity 
2008: Valuing Marine Ecosystems
2007: Climate Change and Adaptation
2006: Good Governance
2005: Environmental Health
2004: Sustainable Growth
2003: Water
2002: Strategy Implementation
2001: Environment Strategy
2000: Environment Review
1999: Environment Review
1998: Environment Review
1997: Five Years after Rio
1997 (fall): Environment Review
1996: Environment Review
1996 (fall): Environment Review
1995-1996: Environment Review
1986-1996: Environment Review

Editions of Environment Matters highlight environmental research, accomplishments, and challenges over the year.