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BRIEFFebruary 13, 2023

The Utility Knowledge Exchange (UKEP) Platform

Utility Knowledge Exchange (UKEP) Platform

The power sector is undergoing transformation driven by urgent decarbonization goals, falling costs of technologies, data storage and processing capabilities. The combination of these factors has converged in a transformation that is fundamentally changing the environment for electricity utilities.

This poses both opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, utilities are having to navigate an unfamiliar environment characterized by rapidly evolving technologies and an increasing number of decentralized actors. On the other hand, smart grids and other digital technologies are enabling greater operational efficiency, enhanced customer engagement, and making new business models possible.

The Utility Knowledge Exchange (UKEP) Platform

The Utility Knowledge Exchange Platform (UKEP) is a new World Bank initiative that aims to facilitate partnerships and knowledge exchange between power utilities. This collaboration helps utility experts and management in power generation, transmission and distribution, to harness the technologies and business innovations that are changing the power sector landscape and are critical to energy transition.

UKEP participants:

  • Learn how leading utilities are deploying digital technologies to manage costs and improve operations.
  • Get an insight into best practices from experienced transmission and distribution operators.
  • Tap into a global network of peers in power generation, transmission and distribution.
  • Find out how new technologies are enabling utilities to deliver electricity in challenging environments.

Past Events

February 20-21, 2024: Climate and Disaster Risk Informed Electric Grid Infrastructure Planning and Operations
Discussion focused on the challenges faced by developing and developed countries in rolling out resilient electric grid investments and strategies.
Session 1, Part 1Session 1, Part 2 | Session 1, Part 3 | Session 2

July 17, 2023: Sustainable Finance and Power Sector Utilities
Discussion focused on how power sector utilities worldwide are increasingly exploring sustainable finance instruments as a way to diversify funding sources.

December 7, 2022: Smart Metering Rollout. Lessons from Global Deployment Programs
Discussions focused on smart metering and its role in reducing energy losses, improving reliability and optimization in asset utilization and overall improvements in the system efficiency.

June 22-23, 2022: Advanced Digital Applications for Asset Management and Loss Prevention
Discussions highlight digital transformation of utilities, advanced digital and analytical applications for utility asset management, and the role of smart metering in loss reduction.

Session 1 | Session 2 | Session 3

March 15, 2022: Enabling Innovative Technologies for Grid Benefits 
Global leaders discuss implementing digital technologies in technical and commercial operations of electric utilities.
Introduction | Session 1 | Session 2


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