Insights in DRM – A Practitioner's Perspective on Disaster Risk Management in Latin America and the Caribbean

Insights in DRM highlights the successes, challenges and lessons learned from our disaster risk management interventions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This bi-monthly, multimedia publication seeks to educate readers on various aspects of DRM, inspire development practitioners tackling similar issues, and demonstrate the impact of financing for a given project, program or initiative. The publication is geared toward DRM and development practitioners, as well as aficionados in government, private sector and civil society. 

Previous and upcoming “Insights in DRM” topics include spatial data for decision-making, climate resilience, seismic risk assessments and disaster risk financing. 

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Insights in DRM

Insights in DRM, Issue #10
August 2015
English: The Caribbean and Central American Partnership for Catastrophe Risk Insurance: Creation of a Regional Partnership for Financial Resilience

Insights in DRM, Issue #9
March 2015
English: Disaster Risk Financing in Panama: Protecting People, Economy and International Markets

Insights in DRM, Issue #8
November 2014
English: What's Measured Can Be Managed: High-Risk Settlements in Colombia
Spanish: “Lo que se mide puede administrarse” Asentamientos de alto riesgo en Colombia

Insights in DRM, Issue #7
September 2014
English: The Power of a Multi-Sectoral Approach to Climate and Municipal Risk in Bolivia
Spanish: La importancia de un enfoque multisectorial sobre el riesgo climático a nivel municipal en Bolivia

Insights in DRM, Issue #6
July 2014
English: Decision-Making and Investment Strategies for Managing Flood Risk in Guyana
Spanish: Estrategias de toma de decisiones e inversión para la gestión del riesgo de inundaciones en Guyana

Insights in DRM, Issue #5
May 2014
English: From Mountains to Valleys: An Alternative Approach to Emergency Evacuation Strategies in Haiti 
French: Des montagnes aux vallées: une autre approche des stratégies d’évacuation d’urgence en Haïti

Insights in DRM, Issue #4
March 2014
English: Integrated Metropolitan Planning: A Case for DRM in the State of Rio de Janeiro
Portuguese: Planejamento metropolitano integrado: Um caso de GRD no estado do Rio de Janeiro

Insights in DRM, Issue #3
January 2014
English: Climate Change Adaptation Planning in Small and Medium-Sized Cities 
Spanish: Planificación para la adaptación al cambio climático (CC) en ciudades pequeñas y medianas 

Insights in DRM, Issue #2
November 2013
English: Seismic Risk Assessment in Costa Rica: Building Capacity in the Water and Sanitation Sector 
Spanish: Evaluación del riesgo sísmico en Costa Rica: Fortalecimiento de capacidades en el sector de agua y saneamiento

Insights in DRM, Issue #1
September 2013
English: Open Data for Resilience in the Caribbean
Spanish: Datos de libre acceso para la capacidad de adaptación en el Caribe

Insights in DRM, a bi-monthly, multimedia publication, highlights the successes, challenges and lessons learned from our disaster risk management interventions in Latin America and the Caribbean.