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BRIEFFebruary 13, 2024

Tourism Watch


Tourism Watch Quarterly Report: Q3 2023

Tourism sector grows to within reach of a full recovery

  • Global Overview: Robust growth in international tourist arrivals in the third quarter (21.5 percent year-on-year increase) brings the sector to 91 percent of 2019 levels despite a resurgence in travel-related inflation. Overall growth rates are normalizing as the recovery matures.
  • Tourism Outlook: Tourism prospects gain confidence as the effects of the pandemic gradually diminish, with a projected full recovery in 2024 (UNWTO). However, concerns around conflicts, climate events, and global macroeconomic conditions will likely affect traveler confidence and impact destinations.
  • Special Policy Insert: Effective tourism destination management can inform, pilot and support the implementation of green, resilient and inclusive tourism policies, while maximizing value for visitors.

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      Third Quarter 2023

Tourism Watch – a product of the Tourism Group within the Markets, Competition and Technology Unit of the World Bank – provides up-to-date data from an array of sources along with analysis of recent tourism developments.

About the Tourism Watch series

The Tourism Watch is a quarterly report produced by the World Bank which monitors global and regional tourism sector performance, outlook, and highlights policies aimed at enhancing the sector’s economic, social and environmental outcomes for developing economies and destinations. The series relies on real-time aviation data, official tourism statistics, consumer search trends, broader economic indicators, and other key data sources to provide a perspective on how tourism is affected by and contributing to global developments.