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Microeconomics Seminar Series


The Microeconomics Seminar Series is a weekly series hosted by the World Bank's research department. The series invites leading researchers in applied microeconomics from the fields of poverty, human development, agriculture, political economy, behavioral economics, private sector development, and a range of other fields to present the results of their most recent research in a seminar format.

Development Research Group Spring 2022 Seminars (Thursdays)

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February 17, 202212:30 - 1:45pm


Oeindrila Dube (U of Chicago)

Measuring Religion from Behavior: Climate Shocks and Religious Adherence in Afghanistan
February 24, 202212:30 - 1:45pmOnline
Clare Balboni (MIT)The Origins and Control of Forest Fires in the Tropics
March 3, 202212:30 - 1:45pmOnline
Seema Jayachandran 
(Northwestern U)
Money (Not) to Burn: Payments for Ecosystem Services to Reduce Crop Residue Burning
March 17, 202212:30 - 1:45pmOnline
Susan Athey (Stanford)Shared Decision-Making about Contraception: An Adaptive Experiment
March 24, 202212:30 - 1:45pmOnline
Muhammad Yasir Khan (U of Pittsburgh)Mission motivation and public sector performance: Experimental evidence from Pakistan
March 31, 202212:30 - 1:45pmOnline
Nicolas Ajzenman (Sao Paulo School of Economics)Immigration, Crime, and Crime (Mis)Perceptions
April 7, 202212:30 - 1:45pmOnlineSupreet Kaur (UC Berkeley)The Social Tax: Redistributive Pressure and Labor Supply
April 21, 202212:30 - 1:45pmOnlineRohini Pande (Yale)Updating the State: Information Acquisition Costs and Public Benefit Delivery
April 28, 202212:30 - 1:45pmOnlineSiwan Anderson (U British Columbia)Harm and Harmony
May 5, 202212:30 - 1:45pmOnlineMartine Visser (U Cape Town)Image Motivation for Pro-social Behavior: Evidence from South Africa
May 12, 202212:30 - 1:45pmOnlineBenoit Decerf (World Bank)The Poverty-adjusted Life Expectancy Index: A consistent aggregation of the quantity and the quality of life
May 26, 20229:45 - 11:00amOnlineJunjie Zhang (Duke Kunshan)Carbon Leakage within Firm Ownership Networks


Development Research Group Winter 2022 Seminar Series

This short and intense winter series, which takes place while the regular microeconomics seminar series is on hiatus for ten weeks, contains talks on all topics related to development economics by predominantly junior scholars.

January 10, 202212:30 - 1:45pm ESTJacobus Cilliers (Georgetown University)Can Virtual Replace In-person Coaching? Experimental Evidence on Teacher Professional Development and Student Learning
January 11, 202212:30 - 1:45pm ESTJean-François Gauthier (Boston College)
Effect of Minimum Wages on Automation and Offshoring Decisions of Firms: Evidence from India
January 12, 202212:30 - 1:45pm ESTCaue Dobbin (Stanford University)The Equilibrium Effects of Subsidized Student Loans
January 13, 202212:30 - 1:45pm ESTNiharika Singh (Columbia University)Hiring Frictions in Urban Labor Markets: Experimental Evidence from India
January 14, 202212:30 - 1:45pm ESTCarolina Lopez (Brown University)Tripping at the Finish Line: Experimental Evidence on the Role of Misperceptions on Secondary School Completion
January 18, 202212:30 - 1:45pm ESTMaria Jose Carreras Valle (University of Minnesota)Increasing Inventories: The Role of Delivery Times
January 19, 202212:30 - 1:45pm ESTAhmad Lashkaripour (Indiana University)Can Trade Policy Mitigate Climate Change?
January 20, 202211:00am - 12:15pm ESTZeina Hasna (University of Cambridge)The Grass Is Actually Greener on the Other Side: Evidence on Green Multipliers from the United States
January 21, 202212:30 - 1:45pm ESTShoumitro Chatterjee (Pennsylvania State University)Market Power and Spatial Competition in Rural India
January 24, 202212:30 - 1:45pm ESTKim Fe Cramer (Columbia Business School)Bank Presence and Health
January 25, 202212:30 - 1:45pm ESTKristina Manysheva (Northwestern University)Land Property Rights, Financial Frictions, and Resource Allocation in Developing Countries
January 26, 202212:30 - 1:45pm ESTCarlos Burga (Princeton University)Bank Competition, Capital Misallocation, and Industry Concentration: Evidence from Peru
January 27, 202211:00am - 12:15pm ESTFederica Zeni (Imperial College London)The Optimal Design of Green Securities
January 28, 202212:30 - 1:45pm ESTManuel García-Santana (Princeton University)Government Procurement and Access to Credit: Firm Dynamics and Aggregate Implications
January 31, 202212:30 - 1:45pm ESTMayara Felix (MIT)Trade, Labor Market Concentration, and Wages

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