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Microeconomics Seminar Series


The Microeconomics Seminar Series is a weekly series hosted by the World Bank's research department. The series invites leading researchers in applied microeconomics from the fields of poverty, human development, agriculture, political economy, behavioral economics, private sector development, and a range of other fields to present the results of their most recent research in a seminar format.

Spring 2021 Seminars

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February 25, 2021
12:30 - 1:45pm
OnlineMaria Micaela Sviatschi (Princeton)Gangs, labor mobility and development
March 4, 2021
12:30 - 1:45pm
OnlineZoe Cullen
The Old Boys’ Club: Schmoozing and the Gender Gap

March 11, 2021

12:30 - 1:45pm
OnlineRaymond Fisman
(Boston U)
Rules, Discretion, and Corruption in Procurement:Evidence from Italian Government Contracting
March 18, 2021
12:30 - 1:45pm
OnlineTreb Allen
April 8, 2021
12:30 - 1:45pm
OnlineOriana Bandiera
The Long Shadow of Viral Pandemics
April 22, 2021
12:30 - 1:45pm
OnlineSara Lowes
May 6, 2021
12:30 - 1:45pm
OnlineManisha Shah
May 13, 2021
12:30 - 1:45pm
OnlineEllora Derenoncourt
May 27, 20
3:30 - 4:45 pm
OnlineLeslie Martin
(U Melbourne)

Development Research Group Winter 2020/21 Seminar Series

This short and intense winter series, which takes place while the regular microeconomics seminar series is on hiatus for ten weeks, contains talks on all topics related to development economics by junior scholars.

December 16, 20201:00 - 2:15pm ESTVideoSandra Rozo (USC Marshall School of Business)Give Me Your Tired and Your Poor: Impact of a Large-Scale Amnesty Program for Undocumented Refugees
December 17, 20201:30 - 2:45pm ESTVideoGaurav Khanna (UC San Diego)

Why Do the Youth Join Gangs? Employment and Crime in Medellin (Links: Paper 1 | Paper 2 | Paper 3)

January 7, 20211:00 - 2:15pm EST Vesall Nourani (MIT)Multi-object Social Learning and Technology Adoption in Ghana: Learning from Friends and Reacting to Acquaintances
January 11, 20211:00 - 2:15pm ESTVideoGabriel Tourek (MIT)Local Elites as State Capacity: How City Chiefs Use Local Information to Increase Tax Compliance in The D.R. CONGO
January 12, 202110:30 - 11:45am ESTVideoElisa Macchi (Zurich)Worth Your Weight: Experimental Evidence on the Benefits of Obesity in Low-Income Countries
January 13, 20211:30 - 2:45pm ESTVideoStephanie Owen (University of Michigan)College Field Specialization and Beliefs about Relative Performance: An Experimental Intervention to Understand Gender Gaps in STEM
January 14, 20211:00 - 2:15pm ESTVideoSergio Villalvazo (UPenn)Inequality and Asset Prices during Sudden Stops
January 19, 202110:30 - 11:45am ESTVideoInês Xavier (Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)Wealth Inequality in the US: The Role of Heterogeneous Returns
January 20, 20211:00 - 2:15pm ESTVideoFilipe Correia (Illinois)Is Corporate Credit Risk Propagated to Employees?
January 21, 20211:00 - 2:15pm ESTVideoGabriel Englander (Berkeley)Information and Spillovers from Targeting Policy in Peru's Anchoveta Fishery
January 25, 202111:00 - 12:15pm ESTVideoPatricia Sun (Harvard)Lifting Growth Barriers for New Firms: Evidence from an Entrepreneurship Training Experiment with Two Million Online Businesses
January 27, 20211:00 - 2:15pm ESTVideoChristoph Albert (CEMFI)Immigration and Spatial Equilibrium: The Role of Expenditures in the Country of Origin
January 28, 20211:00 - 2:15pm ESTVideoMatias Moretti (NYU)The Asymmetric Pass-Through of Sovereign Risk
February 1, 202110:30 - 11:45am ESTVideoVu Chau (Harvard)International Portfolio Investments with Trade Networks
February 2, 202110:30 - 11:45am ESTVideoAllan Hsiao (MIT)Coordination and Commitment in International Climate Action: Evidence from Palm Oil
February 3, 202110:30 - 11:45am ESTVideoJoana Duran-Franch (Toulouse)Oh, Man! What Happened to Women? The Blurring of Gender-Based Occupational Segregation
February 4, 20211:00 - 2:15pm ESTVideoMegan Lang (Berkeley)Consuming Perishable Goods in the Presence of Transaction Costs and Liquidity Constraints


Fall 2020 Seminars

September 10 
12:30 - 1:45OnlineRuixue Jia
Entrepreneurial Reluctance: Academic Talent and Firm Creation in China 
September 24
12:30 - 2 pmOnlineMaximilian Kasy (Oxford)

How to Run an Adaptive Field Experiment

Slides: How to run an adaptive field experiment

Adaptive treatment assignment in experiments for policy choice
(joint with Anja Sautmann)
Forthcoming, Econometrica, 2020
Manuscript: adaptiveexperimentspolicy.pdf
Supplementary Appendix: adaptiveexperimentspolicy_supplement.pdf
Interactive Dashboard for your own experiment: exploration_sampling_dashboard

An Adaptive Targeted Field Experiment: Job Search Assistance for Refugees in Jordan
(joint with Stefano Caria, Grant Gordon, Soha Osman, Simon Quinn and Alex Teytelboym)
Working paper, 2020
Manuscript: RefugeesWork.pdf

October 1
12:30 - 2 pmWebex Shanjun Li
(Cornell Dyson)

Transportation Policies, Urban Structure, and Equilibrium Sorting

October 8
12:30 - 2 pmOnlineDavid Yang
Data-intensive Innovation and the State: Evidence from AI Firms in China
October 15
12:30 - 2 pmOnlineGaurav Khanna
The Productivity Consequences of Pollution-Induced Migration in China
October 29
12:30 - 2 pmOnline

Gilles Duranton

Urban Growth and Its Aggregate Implications
November 5
12:30 - 1:45 pmOnlineKate Baldwin
When Do Foreign Aid Projects Inflate Support for Incumbents? Voter Information and Political Oversight in Uganda
November 12
12:30 - 1:45 pmOnlineManuela Angelucci
(UT Austin)
Mental Health Care, Depression, and Economic Behavior: Evidence from India
December 3
12:30 - 1:45 pmOnlineGianmarco León-Ciliotta (Barcelona Graduate School of Economics)The Supply and Demand Effects of Financial Incentives: Experimental Evidence from Branchless Banking in Indonesia
Thursday, December 10, 202012:30 – 1:45 pmOnlineChristopher Neilson (Princeton)Teacher Compensation and Structural Inequality: Evidence from Centralized Teacher School Choice in Peru 


Spring 2020 Schedule of Seminars

Wednesday Feb 2612:30 - 2 pmMC 3-570

Suresh Naidu

Monopsony and Employer Mis-optimization Explain

Wednesday Mar 412:30 - 2 pmMC 3-570

Thomas Fujiwara

Local Politicians and the Deforestation of the Amazon
Wednesday Mar 1112:30 - 2 pmMC 3-570

Gilles Duranton

Mobility and congestion in urban India
Wednesday Mar 2512:30 - 2 pmMC 3-570

Fred Finan
(Berkeley) CANCELLED

Wednesday Apr 112:30 - 2 pmMC 3-570

Alvaro Pedraza
Dev. Research Group, WB

Selective Communication, Stock Market Entry, and Performance


Wednesday Apr 812:30 - 2 pmMC 3-570

Arik Levinson

Wednesday Apr 1512:30 - 2 pm G 4-001/G 7-140Oeindrila Dube
(Chicago Harris)
Wednesday Apr 2212:30 - 2 pmMC 3-570

Zoe Cullen
(Harvard Business School)

Wednesday Apr 2912:30 - 2 pmMC 3-570



Wednesday May 612:30 - 2 pm

MC 3-570

Emmanuelle Auriol

Wednesday May 1312:30 - 2 pmMC 3-570

Anne Karing

Wednesday May 2012:30 - 2 pmMC 3-570

Manisha Shah

Wednesday May 2712:30 - 2 pmMC 3-570

Sara Heller

Wednesday Jun 312:30 - 2 pmMC 3-570

Basit Zafar
(Arizona State)

Wednesday Oct 2812:30 - 2 pmMC 3-570

Manuela Angelucci (UT)

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