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BRIEF December 6, 2018

Knowledge Management at the World Bank


Who We Are

The goal of Knowledge Management at the World Bank is to effectively manage the knowledge generated through World Bank projects, providing faster and more effective access to relevant internal and external knowledge to maximize its impact for clients.  

What We Do

The World Bank, like many development organizations, creates knowledge through its operations and has long been recognized as a leader not just in development finance, but also in development knowledge. The Knowledge Management program focuses on how to better manage this rich know-how and facilitate its flow across the organizations, and with partners and clients.

How We Work

To move toward an optimal state of Knowledge Management across the Bank, a Knowledge Management Action Plan has been developed and is in its implementation phase. The Action Plan focuses on creating a knowledge sharing ecosystem that increases connectivity internally and among key stakeholders, partners and clients.

Drawing on key inputs from external partners and internal stakeholders across the World Bank, a vision for “what good looks like” has been developed along with key action items for “how to get there” that are both tactical and strategic. The tactical track focuses on immediate opportunities to use Knowledge Management methods and approaches to facilitate knowledge flows, whereas the strategic track takes on longer-term issues that require more in-depth work. Overall, the Knowledge Management Action Plan supports an ultimate goal of giving development practitioners useful knowledge, when they need it, in order to support their work tackling the most difficult development challenges, and to enable them to maximize impact.