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Global Indicators Group Half-Baked Seminars


The objective of the half-baked seminars is to foster the exchange of ideas within the group and to provide feedback to the presenter for further development of the initial work or idea. 

Current Season - 2023/2024

June 4, 2024Chiara Bronchi, Laura Zoratto, and Rita RamalhoWorld Bank, EGVPICountry-Level Institutional Assessments
May 23, 2024Christopher Hoy, Filip Jolevsk, and Anthony ObeyesekereEPVGE, DECEA, EEAM2Revealing Tax Evasion: Experimental Evidence from a Representative Survey of Indonesian Firms
April 25, 2024Daniela M. Behr, Liang Shen, Ana Tribin, and Tea TrumbicWorld Bank, Women, Business and the LawThe Handmaid’s Tale: Climate Change as an Obstacle to Women’s Rights and Economic Empowerment?
March 21, 2024Jayashree Srinivasan, Enrique Orellana Tamez, Victoria Chiseliov, Camille Guittonneau and Trang DoanWorld Bank, B-ReadyUnderstanding building energy codes and standards - Leveraging data to understand adoption and compliance of energy efficiency standards
February 29, 2024Davide S. MareWorld Bank, Enterprise AnalysisDistributional impact of the introduction of carbon taxes: the case of the Dominican Republic
January 25, 2024Mohammad AminWorld Bank, Enterprise AnalysisProductivity in the Hotels industry: Conceptual issues,  Estimation, and Analysis
December 14, 2023Maksym IavorskyiWorld Bank, Subnational Business Ready/FCI (DAIS)Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt: Global Regulatory Challenges of Crypto Insolvencies
November 30, 2023Ana TribinWorld Bank Group, Women, Business and the LawGender-Based Violence After Armed Conflict: The Case of the Colombian Peace Agreement
September 28, 2023Raman MarozWorld Bank, Business ReadyThe Cross-Regional Court Performance Assessment


2022/2023 Season

June 22,2023Nona Karalashvili and Jorge Rodriguez MezaWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisQuestion Design and its Effect on Responses: the Case of Management Practices
June 15, 2023Hannelore Maria L. NiestenWorld Bank Group, Women, Business and the LawTaxation of Digital Financial Services vis-à-vis Traditional Financial Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comprehensive Assessment of the Costs on Providers and Consumers based on Nine Country Studies
April 20, 2023Daniela Behr and Caroline PerrinWorld Bank Group, Women, Business and the LawDrivers of Gender Legal Reforms
March 16, 2023Dorina Georgieva, Varun Eknath, Michael WoolcockWorld Bank GroupExamining Business Reform Committees: Findings from a New Global Dataset
January 26, 2023Serena Cocciolo, Ruggero Doino, and Domenico ViganolaWorld Bank GroupFirms and SMEs participation in Public Procurement: Global Statistics from the World Bank Enterprise Surveys
December 15, 2022Nona KaralashviliWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisToward Understanding Reasons behind Informality: Text Analysis of an Open-Ended Survey Question
December 1, 2022Lelys Dinarte, Alena Sakhonchik, Maria Montoya Aguirre, S. Anukriti, Marina ElefanteWorld Bank Group, Women, Business and the LawFilling the Gaps: Childcare Laws for Women’s Economic Empowerment
November 17, 2022Filip Jolevski, Gaurav Nayyar, Regina Pleninger, Shu YuWorld Bank GroupDigitalization Spillovers from Formal to Informal Firms: Adoption of ITC in Zambia
November 3, 2022Christopher Hoy, Laban Simbeye, Muhammad Abdullah Ali Malik, Aliisa Koivisto, Mashekwa MabosheWorld Bank Group, Zambia Revenue Authority, United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER), University of ZambiaHow Have Formal Firms Recovered from the Pandemic? Insights from Survey and Tax Administrative Data in Zambia
October 20, 2022Mohammad Amin and Domenico ViganolaWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisImpact of Financial Constraints on the Decision to Export
October 6, 2022Domenico Viganola and Silvia MuziWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisComparing Face-to-Face Versus Virtual Interviews in Firm-Level Surveys
September 22, 2022Marie Caitriona Hyland and Caroline PerrinWorld Bank Group, Women, Business and the LawGendered laws and women’s financial inclusion


2022 Season

January 13, 2022Julia Constanze Braunmiller and Marie DryWorld Bank Group, Women, Business and the LawMeasuring Intersectional Discrimination –The Rights of Women with Disabilities
January 27, 2022Viktoriya Ereshchenko, Varun Eknath and Inés Zabalbeitia MúgicaWorld Bank Group, Global IndicatorsThe importance of facilitating imports: evidence from the auto industry
February 10, 2022Jayashree Srinivasan, Enrique Orellana Tamez, Kamal Chakaroun, Lodovico Onofri, Farrukh UmarovWorld Bank Group, Global IndicatorsLeveraging Building Energy Codes and Standards for Climate Change Mitigation
February 24, 2022Filip Joleski, Asif Islam and Mohammad AminWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisDecomposing the SME-Large firm Performance Gap during the COVID-19 pandemic: Productivity, Innovation, and Gender Inequality
March 10, 2022David Francis and Robert KubinecWorld Bank Group, Enterprise Analysis and New York University Abu DhabiBeyond Political Connections: A Measurement Model Approach to Estimating Firm-level Political Influence in 41 Economies
March 24, 2022Marie Hyland and Liang ChenWorld Bank Group, Women, Business and the LawA Global Analysis of Paid Family Leave and Women's Economic Labor Market Outcomes
April 14, 2022Gemechu Aga, Hibret Maemir, Jorge Rodriguez Meza and Taneem AhadWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisMeasuring Regulatory Uncertainty using Firm-Level Surveys: Evidence from three African countries
Apil 28, 2022Parvina RakhimovaWorld Bank Group, Global Indicators GroupGender-based Property Tax Incentives: Role in Encouraging Female Ownership and Improving Compliance 
May 5, 2022Tiziana Londero, Raman Maroz, and Oleksandra PopovaWorld Bank Group, Global Indicators GroupDigitizing court proceedings and corporate governance. What have we learned from the pandemic?
May 12, 2022Antoni Albert Nogui, Nunon Mendes Dos Santos, Lama Mohammed L. Al JarallahWorld Bank Group, Global Indicators GroupDid digitization in public services have an impact in the COVID-19 response? The case of eProcurement.
May 26, 2022Natalia Mazoni and Nisha Arekapudi, Isabel Santagostino and Emilia Galiano, Julia Braunmiller and Marie DryWorld Bank Group, Women, Business and the LawThree Lightning Talks on Women, Business and the Law (WBL) Reform Case Studies
June 9, 2022Luca Bettarelli and Tommaso RoomsWorld Bank Group, Global Indicators GroupRegional Heterogeneity in the Business Environment: the Case of Italy

2021 Season





January 14, 2021Silvia Muzi and Domenico ViganolaWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisThe determinant of firm survival Firm Exit during the Covid-19 Crisis: Evidence from the Enterprise Surveys
January 28, 2021Nona Karalashvili and Nazim TamkocWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisEffectiveness of Government Support for the Private Sector during COVID19
February 11, 2021David C. Francis and Joshua Seth WimpeyWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisDo informal and formal businesses operate in the same places? Evidence from micro data in Laos’ food service sector.
February 24, 2021Filip Jolevski and Gemechu AgaWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisMeasuring the Informal Employment on the Intensive and Extensive Margins: the case of Zambia
March 11, 2021David FrancisWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisThe effect of inflationary shocks on household business operation in Uganda
April 29, 2021Tea Trumbic and Marie Catriona  Hyland World Bank Group, Women, Business and the LawWomen, Business and the Law: Ideas for Future Research
TBDMohammad AminWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisHow Corruption Affects Access to Finance
May 13, 2021David Francis and Robert KubinecWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisMeasuring Political Influence as a Latent Characteristic: Evidence from Micro-Data from 36 Countries in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa
May 27, 2021Antoni Albert Nogues Comas and Nuno Filipe Mendes Dos SantosWorld Bank Group, Doing BusinessBuilding an Indicator to Compare Public Procurement Regulations and Practices
June 10, 2021Marie Catriona Hyland and Asif Mohammed IslamWorld Bank Group, Women, Business and the Law & MENAGendered Law, Informality and the Performance of Female-Owned Firms
July 29, 2021Nazim TamkocWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisBribery, Plant Size and Size Dependent Distortions
September 8, 2021Joshua Wimpery, David C. Francis, Gemechu Aga, Filip Jolevski and Jorge Rodriguez MezaWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisSurveying Informal Businesses: Methodology and Applications
October 7, 2021Nisha ArekapudiWorld Bank Group, Enterprise Analysis & Women, Business and the LawMeasuring implementation of Women, Business and the Law indicators
October 21, 2021Silvia Muzi, Marie Hyland and Domenico ViganolaWorld Bank Group, Enterprise Analysis & Women, Business and the LawFemale-managed businesses in Europe and Central Asia (ECA) during the COVID-19 crisis
November 4, 2021Adam Aberra, Gemechu Aga, Filip Jolevski and Nona KaralashviliWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisUnderstanding Informality: Comprehensive Firm-level Data and Descriptive Results
November 18, 2021Markus Goldstein, Paula Gonzalez, Sreelakshmi Papineni and Joshua WimpeyWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisChildcare, COVID-19 and Female Firm Exit: Impact of COVID-19 School Closure Policies on Global Gender Gaps in Business
December 2, 2021Women, Business and the Law TeamWorld Bank Group, Women, Business and the LawWomen, Business and the Law Childcare indicators
and research
December 16, 2021Nazim TamkocWorld Bank Group, Enterprise AnalysisProduction Complexity, Talent Misallocation and Development
TBDMarie Catriona Hyland, Silvia Muzi and Domenico ViganolaWorld Bank Group, Enterprise Analysis & Women, Business and the LawExploration of the Gender Dimension of the Impact of Covid-19

TBD: To be determined

Note: Information on upcoming events is subject to change.