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BRIEF December 6, 2018

Geospatial Operations Support Team at the World Bank


Who We Are

The Geospatial Operational Support Team (GOST) works with geospatial data – that is, data matched to measures of location, from countries and municipalities to specific coordinates – throughout the World Bank. The essence of this work lies in the combination of useful data with a location element. The world of geospatial goes beyond positioning existing types of data, and advances in technology (satellites, drones, cell phones) are causing new data types to emerge. Questions which couldn’t be answered ten years ago can be answered today using this technology.

What We Do

A variety of services are being offered to stakeholders, including advice on how geospatial data can help solve specific problems, purchasing support for data and imagery, and direct technical assistance for internal stakeholders, to help make the World Bank Group a sophisticated consumer of geospatial analytics, and ultimately carry out its development operations in the most cost-efficient and effective manner.

How We Work

In addition to direct support and assistance to task teams that need help, from short-term assistance to long-term engagements that create geospatial global public goods, GOST is creating a set of services and resources to help make geospatial data useful and accessible across the World Bank. GOST is also working to help World Bank projects use geospatial data for Monitoring & Evaluation indicators.