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Mapping Energy Efficiency – Global dataset on building code effectiveness and compliance

Coming Soon - Launch of the Global Dataset. For more information, please read here.

Building Energy Efficiency Codes and Standards Global Dataset

The project aims to create and disseminate a new dataset of quantitative and comparable measures on building energy codes and standards applicable to new and existing buildings, as well as their enforcement mechanisms and levels of compliance, in 80 cities across the world.

The project is financed by the Knowledge for Change Program.

The project was developed after extensive consultations and peer review of experts within the World Bank Group.

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The dataset will contribute to the research and the policy field of climate change in two ways:

1.  Address the knowledge gap by collecting information on mandatory minimum energy performance standards and the relevant institutional frameworks.

Currently, there is no available cross-country dataset using standardized definitions and common metrics. Very limited cross-country data are publicly available on the actual enforcement and levels of compliance of building energy codes.

2.  Provide a cross-country benchmarking tool that can be used to identify and compare regulatory frameworks that achieve carbon emissions reductions and that are successful in transforming the construction industry and the built environment.

A single dataset with harmonized and standardized metrics to evaluate building energy codes across countries would allow researchers, policy makers, and civil society to apply analytical approaches to make cost-benefit analysis as well as projections of desired outcomes.


Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

The dataset will cover the key variables relevant to building energy efficiency including the passive design requirements, the insulation parameters of building features, and the thermal efficiency of heating, cooling, and lighting systems of buildings.


The dataset will go beyond the common dichotomy of commercial or residential and include the specific threshold in square meters, occupancy type or building height when applicable.

Enforcement and Compliance

The dataset will cover the enforcement approach (prescriptive or performance based), the enforcement authority (public or private) and the enforcement mechanism (energy efficiency certification or rating system, performance simulation system, ex ante review and approval, or ex post disclosure, reporting or inspection system) as well as compliance levels.


The project will be a standalone project of the Development Economics Indicators Group (DECIG), which has extensive expertise in collecting annual granular data on business regulations, including on building codes and on environmental regulations and their actual enforcement.

It will survey relevant experts (architects, engineers, construction professionals), and relevant public sector officials dealing with building energy regulations.

Want to contribute?

If you have relevant expertise in building energy codes and standards, we welcome you to fill out our online questionnaire via this link. The online survey is available in multiple languages, which can be selected in the top right corner of the form.

You can also download the MS Word version of the survey for reference in multiple languages below.  We are grateful for your time and expertise.

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