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publication October 28, 2021

South Asia Climate Roadmap


The new Roadmap to implement the World Bank Group CCAP 2.0 in the South Asia Region aims to help move the region toward climate-smart development. The Roadmap identifies opportunities and solutions to achieve sustainable and broad-based economic growth without harming the climate, degrading the environment, or leaving hundreds of millions of families in poverty. It lays out steps to help the region accelerate a climate-smart transition in key areas over the next five years and ramp up climate ambition.

The World Bank Group’s South Asia Climate Roadmap will help the region ramp up its climate action in key transitions:

  • The Agriculture, Food, Water, and Land Systems Transition
  • The Energy and Transport Transition
  •  The Urban Transition

The WBG will also work to achieve systemic resilience across sectors and mobilize financing and investment.

Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic offers South Asian countries a unique opportunity to adapt to and mitigate climate change by massively investing in resilient infrastructure, re-skilling their populations for high-productivity jobs, and rebuilding their economies around cleaner energy.

The World Bank Group is committed to this agenda and helping the countries of South Asia tackle the impacts of climate change. The South Asia Climate Roadmap builds on the World Bank Group’s Climate Change Action Plan and commitment to boosting climate action at the country level by directing 35 percent of its lending portfolio in South Asia to climate-related actions, on average, over the next five years.

The South Asia Climate Roadmap will also support the development of key cutting-edge analytical tools to inform country climate planning and development strategies in South Asia.