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Chief Economists of Government (CEoG)

The Initiative

The Chief Economists of Government (CEoG) initiative aims to strengthen knowledge-based policymaking in African countries to promote economic growth and transformation. To achieve this goal, the initiative convenes and supports a peer network of chief economic advisors to Presidents and Prime Ministers.

The CEoG initiative is structured around three pillars of activity:

Supporting a regional network of chief economic advisors

The initiative has established a new regional network of chief economic advisors to presidents and prime ministers for peer support and learning. Demand-driven activities include convening the network both physically and virtually to discuss key themes on African development and transformation with external experts and former chief economic advisors.

Support to skills and knowledge building activities

Through interventions such as training, regional/sub-regional workshops and seminars, and peer exchanges for both cross-country knowledge and experience sharing, built on top of the peer network, the initiative aims to deliver a new approach to capacity building for economic advisors.

Support to new and existing chief economist teams or units

The initiative works with partners to assist countries in the design and establishment of dedicated chief economic advisory teams and aims to strengthen such teams in countries where they already exist. The initiative supports these teams with the tools, data, and skills to provide timely analysis and advice to support decision-making.