BRIEF April 15, 2019

Office of the Chief Economist, Africa Region (AFRCE)

"The region’s economic recovery is in progress but at a slower pace than expected. To accelerate and sustain an inclusive growth momentum, policy makers must continue to focus on investments that foster human capital, reduce resource misallocation and boost productivity. Policymakers in the region must equip themselves to manage new risks arising from changes in the composition of capital flows and debt."
Albert G. Zeufack
World Bank Chief Economist for Africa

The Office of the Chief Economist in the Africa Region (AFRCE) seeks to generate knowledge on policy and institutional reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa. It produces and oversees the production of research articles and reports on the most pressing development issues facing the continent. One of AFRCE's most important functions is to foster a community of economists interested in Sub-Saharan Africa, within the World Bank and on the continent. 

Periodicals Knowledge Products

  • Africa’s Pulse: A bi-annual publication with analysis on the short term economic prospects for the continent and current development challenges.
  • Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA): This index measures and tracks the strength of policies and institutions in IDA-eligible countries since 1980.
  • Africa Research Newsletter: A newsletter featuring World Bank research and analysis on development issues in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Africa Macro-Financial Monitoring Report (every two weeks).


Africa Chief Economist’s Office Publications and Working Papers

The Africa Chief Economist’s Office seeks to produce high-quality research that is relevant for your operational work. For your information, we share our publications from the last year.


  • Annual Bank Conference on Africa (ABCA) June 14-15, 2018: A platform for scholars from all over the world to gather and discuss ways to promote economic growth and reduce poverty for people across Sub-Saharan Africa. More
  • Africa Knowledge Fest: An event aimed at sharing evidence and analysis through dissemination of the most recent and relevant knowledge products.
  • State of the Region: An event to share the most recent economic trends in Africa with delegations attending Spring and Annual Meetings. 

Recent Publications and Reports






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