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The World Bank Group and Paris Alignment

World Bank Group Sector Notes

The World Bank Group Sector Notes provide guidance on how the Paris Alignment Instrument Methods (for the World Bank) and joint MDB Paris Alignment Approach (for IFC and MIGA) apply to sector-specific issues and are available for all relevant sectors. They are designed for the entire World Bank Group; hence they apply across the World Bank, IFC and MIGA. Each sector note is organized by financing instrument, and within each financing instrument, by sub-sector (for instance, in the case of Investment Project Financing and Programs for Results) or policy area (for instance, in the case of Development Policy Financing). The use of the Sector Notes considers the specific country and project/program development context, public and private sector considerations, as well as feasibility. For the World Bank, feasible means "technically feasible and economically viable”; for IFC and MIGA, feasible means “commercially available and financially viable”. The sector notes will be updated to capture the lessons learned, as well as new technologies, policies, practices, and consumer behavior.