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World Bank Australia Safeguards Partnership

Our partners


The WBASP provides a unique platform for development partners in the EAP region to share and leverage their knowledge, experience and investments in capacity building on environmental and social standards. This cooperation is facilitated through the Development Partners Community of Practice (COP), donor and partner workshops, and joint work programs.


In addition, as part of the WBASP, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), DFAT, and the World Bank are collaborating to strengthen country safeguards systems. Through the Principles of Collaboration for Country Safeguards Systems, each partner maintains their own assistance programs to help improve environmental and social legal and regulatory systems and build technical capacity, while working together toward a common set of goals and outcomes. This avoids duplication of efforts and replication of previous work allowing each partner’s resources to be used as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Welcoming new partners and participants:

The WBASP welcomes interest and support from other development agencies with expertise and experience that complements our program. WBASP seeks to engage within a broad range of stakeholders, including the private sector, civil society organizations and community organizations. Stakeholders can play an important role in, for example, evaluating Learning Center initiatives, providing feedback on aspects of Country Safeguard Framework Assessments, and strengthening country capacity in EAP.



Program Manager
Pilar Clemente, Senior Environmental Specialist Washington DC