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WBG parents around the globe have already used the platform!

Read below to see what they are saying:


Image “It's great to know that these resources have already been checked or recommended by otherWBG parents. As a parent to a young kid, that assurance is very important for me.”

    -- Ewelina, D.C.


Image “Parenting now is such a great initiative! During these trying times I find myself out of ideas of what to do with the little one when at home. Parenting now has saved me so many times with their recreational activities! We are lucky that in Senegal schools are opening and slowly going back to normal schedules, but since I am also pregnant, having such a useful website handy has been a life saver. Thank you WBFN for the always helping hand.”

-- Daniela, Senegal


Image“The forum at WBG parenting now is very useful -- I see other parents posting about resources that they have found to be helpful for kids. I'd ask more parents to be active here -- all of us are in this together, after all.”

-- Hesberto “Jojo”, D.C.


Image"It can be hard to move from one country to another. Both the parents and children are impacted in various ways. The one thing that has helped us has been our ability to form a community with close friends and colleagues. PARENTING NOW has broadened that community and support system. Through the website we can easily reach out to other families in our area, or across the world and share resources and support."

-- Porsha, Madagascar


Image“Good to see that they have a lot of resources for many different cultures, languages and countries. Very inclusive!”


--Hely, D.C.


Image“It’s great to finally find a central hub for parenting resources -- saves me so much time.”


-- Loubna, D.C.


Image“ Parenting Now est une mine d’informations, vaste, variée, et qui couvre de nombreux domaines. Merci d’accompagner les familles à travers cet outil essentiel pour se réinventer vers un nouveau futur ! (Parenting Now offers a wealth of information in numerous areas. Thank you for this essential and creative tool which will help families reinvent themselves!)”

-- Laurent, Paris