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    The World Bank Group at COP28

    The World Bank Group is redoubling efforts to end poverty on a livable planet. A safer climate means that all people – but especially women and young people – have a decent quality of life on a planet with clean air, clean water, and enough to eat, and are less vulnerable to climate impacts.

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Spotlight on Country Solutions

Discover how Country Climate and Development Reports (CCDRs) are delivering solutions for countries and helping build a livable planet. 

Note: All times are Dubai time (GST- Gulf Standard Time)


  • The World Bank
    From Analysis to Impact: Connecting Climate and Development in Over 40 Countries
    Dec 1 - 3pm GST

    Come find out about how the Bank’s flagship diagnostic – the Country Climate and Development Reports – are connecting climate and development priorities in over 40 countries. These reports also now cover countries representing over half of global tropical forests and the discussion will focus on insights from how forested lands can be a win for people and planet.

  • CCDRs in Latin America and the Caribbean: Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Honduras
    Dec 4 - 1:00pm GST

    Recently completed CCDRs in Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras highlight the diversity of the opportunities and challenges faced by countries in the region in transitioning to a low-carbon resilient development path. Although highly diverse, these four reports provide common messages about the feasibility of pursuing development and climate action simultaneously, the critical role of natural capital, and opportunities for innovation to finance the transition.

  • Camel passing  by Turkana wind farm in Kenya.
    Climate Challenges and Opportunities for Change – The Case of Côte d’Ivoire and Kenya
    Dec 5 - 1pm GST

    The Country and Climate Development Reports (CCDRs) highlight the links between development and climate. The Kenya and Côte d’Ivoire CCDRs explore how countries can drive inclusive development with more resilience and contribute to the global decarbonization agenda, resulting in economic growth and better quality of life. WATCH

  • Cambodia Country Climate and Development Report
    Dec 6 - 9am GST

    How can Cambodia achieve both its development goals and its climate action objectives? A discussion of the World Bank’s report will examine how “Three Rs” offer a roadmap: reducing exposure to climate change; realigning its emissions trajectory; and reorienting its economy to seize opportunities in the global green transition. WATCH

  • Green Growth Opportunities in Romania: Discussing the World Bank's First CCDR in the EU
    Dec 6 - 1pm GST

    The Romania Country Climate and Development Report is the first to cover a European Union country and a high-income economy. This session will explore opportunities to accelerate poverty reduction in Romania while greening its economy, move up value-chains in low-carbon technologies, attract private financing, tackle water management, and prepare for green jobs. WATCH

  • Translating Insights to Action: South Asia's Experience with CCDRs
    Dec 8 - 1pm GST

    The World Bank's CCDRs are new tools for countries to integrate climate challenges into development considerations and to prioritize the most impactful actions that can reduce GHG emissions and boost adaptation, while delivering on broader development goals. How have these reports translated into action? Featuring a panel of high-level leaders from Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, the event will showcase how CCDRs are guiding green, resilient, and inclusive development in South Asia, and what to expect in the coming year. WATCH

  • Implementing Solutions to Water Scarcity in MENA
    Dec 10 - 1pm GST

    This event convenes high-level policymakers from MENA countries who will discuss lessons learned from the World Bank’s Country Climate and Development Reports (CCDRs). It will also showcase examples of policy reforms and investments and highlight how the CCDRs have helped to shape policy and investment priorities for climate action. WATCH

  • Leveraging Macroeconomic Models for Effective Climate Action
    Dec 11 - 1pm GST

    This event will showcase how macroeconomic models can be paired with more detailed sectoral and microeconomic models to guide policy decisions and drive climate action, using examples from the World Bank’s CCDRs. A panel discussion will focus on emerging challenges faced in specific regions or sectors.