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BRIEF June 9, 2018

Reporting in Latin America

What are the main issues in education that journalists should consider when doing stories and how can impact evaluation evidence help? SIEF sponsored a one-day training for journalists from Latin America to explore how impact evaluation evidence – and data more broadly – can strengthen reporting, with a focus on education and its role in building human capital. The training, which was conducted by the Gabriel García Márquez New Iberoamerican Journalism Foundation and held on June 9, 2018 in Mexico City, included presentations on impact evaluations studies that have been conducted in Latin America.

5 key concepts for reporting on education:

  • Coverage: how much society has achieved in providing access to formal education for the population.
  • Quality: what is meant by quality education and what it entails.
  • Relevance: does education respond to the expectations of children, adolescents and parents and to the needs of society as a whole?
  • Equity: does education contribute to narrowing or widening the social gaps?
  • Efficiency: how are resources allocated? Are resources distributed adequately, rationally, transparently and in a participatory manner?

4 key questions for reporting on education

  • Why is it important to cover education in Latin America and what for?
  • What education issues should we look at?
  • Why is it necessary to incorporate data in our reporting?
  • How can we draw stories from data and how can we use it to improve our articles?

3 World Bank resources for reporting on education

2 details on the training

1 successful training

Sample articles produced by workshop participants:


ParticipantsWorld Bank presenters
  • Isabella González, Reforma
  • David Vicenteño, Grupo Imagen
  • Margarita Rodríguez, El Sol de México
  • Rocío Méndez, MVS Radio
  • Mónica Barrera, Grupo ACIR
  • Areli Villalobos, Proceso
  • Antimio Adrián, Cruz Televisa
  • Delia Angélica Ortiz, Expansión
  • Marlen Hernández, El Norte
  • Simón Granja, El Tiempo
  • Noemí Herrera, México Evalúa
  • Laura Poy, La Jornada