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BRIEFMay 19, 2022

Call for Proposals 6: Covid-19 Recovery

young students in a madagascar classroom

World Bank / Sarah Farhat

The Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund (SIEF) is pleased to announce its sixth call for proposals on recovering human capital after the COVID pandemic.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in devastating losses. Beyond the loss of over 6 million lives globally, there have been severe setbacks in different dimensions of human capital, from health to education to labor market outcomes. Individuals have been affected at all stages of the lifecycle, leading to not only a decline in current welfare but also potential scarring effects that can alter their long-term trajectory.

Continuing SIEF’s approach of matching scientifically rigorous research methods with pressing policy challenges, the focus of this sixth call for proposals is Covid-19 recovery. In particular, SIEF aims to fund experimental and quasi-experimental evaluations that examine innovative interventions that enable individuals in low- and middle-income countries recover human capital losses incurred as a result of the pandemic. Given the enormity of the losses and the urgent need for remedies, this call for proposals will prioritize interventions that have the potential for high impact within a short amount of time.

Researchers can propose evaluations for World Bank projects and for projects not implemented through the World Bank. Please see the call for proposals for more details. We encourage you to apply and pass this announcement to others who might be interested, particularly those who can quickly generate useful and actionable information on how we can help children, adults, and service providers deal with the severe setbacks to human capital that have followed the Covid-19 crisis.

For any questions that are not answered in the call for proposals, please send an email with “SIEF Call 6 query” in the subject line to