Program-for-Results Financing (PforR)

In today’s world, development is about results and institutional strengthening. Everyone—government officials, parliamentarians, civil society, and the private sector—is demanding programs that help deliver sustainable results and build institutions. To address this growing demand, the World Bank developed the Program-for-Results (PforR) financing instrument. 

Focus on results

PforR’s unique features include using a country’s own institutions and processes, and linking disbursement of funds directly to the achievement of specific program results.

Strengthen capacity

This approach helps build capacity within the country, enhances effectiveness and efficiency and leads to achievement of tangible, sustainable program results.

Support borrowers’ programs

PforR is also unique because it supports government programs and helps leverage World Bank development assistance by fostering partnerships and aligning development partner goals and results that can lead to greater development effectiveness.


PforR is available to all World Bank member countries and is one of three financing instruments offered, accompanying Investment Project Financing (IPF) and Development Policy Financing (DPF). The choice of instrument depends on a client’s needs and the development challenge to be addressed.


Since its creation in 2012, there has been steady increase in the use of PforR. As of October 2, 2023, there are 174 active PforR operations totaling $48.6 billion of Bank financing. In many cases, PforR operations have served as a platform to mobilize development partner support around government programs and the strengthening of those program systems. As such, even with its limited financing, the Bank has contributed to more than $550 billion in government programs.

Recently Approved Operations              

Country Proj ID Project Name
Pakistan P178410 Punjab Family Planning Program
Morocco P179192 Morocco Water Security and Resilience
Cameroon P178136 Cameroon Power Sector Reform Program
Bangladesh P178487 LAISE
Mozambique P178653 Urban Water Security Program
Indonesia P176954 SINERGIS
Nigeria P174622 NG - AF for PSRP PforR
Morocco P178763 Climate operation
Kenya P176698 Kenya GREEN Program
Kenya P177048 Second Kenya Urban Support Program
Benin P176763 Benin Economic Governance PforR
Morocco P179014 Morocco Health PforR
Ethiopia P172284 Ethiopia Human Capital Operation
AF to Sustainable Rural Sanitation Services Program
AF to Sustainable Rural Sanitation Services Program

Resources and Information 

PforR: Proposal to Remove the Cap on Commitment Authority (April 2019)  

IEG's Early Stage Assessment of the Process and Effects of PforR (November 2016)

PforR Two-Year Review (March 2015) 

PforR Board Paper:  New Instrument to Advance Development Effectiveness (December 2011)


$150 Million World Bank Loan to Punjab to Improve Financial Management and Deliver Better Services to Citizens, September 2022

US$125 million to Support Jordan’s Agriculture Sector and Improve its Climate Resilience, October 2022

World Bank Approves $350 Million for Primary Healthcare Services and Disease Surveillance in Gujarat, September 2022

Tanzania: New Financing to Support Inclusive and Resilient Economic Recovery and Improved Healthcare Services, December 2022

Côte d’Ivoire: The World Bank is Supporting Access to Electricity and Strengthening the Digitalization of the Power Grid, December 2022

Côte d’Ivoire: Toward Equitable and Inclusive Access to Preschool and Primary Education (, December 2022

New World Bank Financing Aims to Strengthen Indonesia's Tuberculosis Response Program, January 2023

Serbia Pursues Better Public Financial Management and Green Transition with World Bank Support, March 2023

Agricultural Production in Ukraine to Recover with World Bank Support, March 2023 [NEW]

World Bank Approves $82 Million for Prevention of Zoonotic, Endemic Diseases in India, May 2023 [NEW]

World Bank Loan Will Support Reducing Methane, Saving Water in Hunan’s Rice Paddies, May 2023 [NEW] 

World Bank Helps Bangladesh Improve Secondary Education, September 2023 [NEW]


Last Updated: Mar 22, 2023