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KoDi: Korea Digital Development Program


The Korea Digital Development initiative (KoDi) was launched in July 2021 by the World Bank’s Digital Development Global Practice and the World Bank Group Korea Office. The three-year initiative aims to help low-and middle-income countries to accelerate digital transformation that is data-driven, secure, and green by sharing knowledge on recent reform practices and providing country-specific technical assistance.  

The initiative leverages the experience and best practices of Korea, as well as other advanced digital countries, to build data ecosystems, spur green digital innovation, and leverage the sizeable economic and social opportunities of data-driven digital transformation. It builds on the World Development Report 2021: Data for Better Lives, and the Korean New Deal.  

The program is based on three pillars that strengthen the fundamentals for enabling inclusive, resilient, and green digital transformation.   

Pillar 1: Enabling effective data ecosystems

KoDi’s emphasis is on the provision of operational and policy guidance for enabling an effective national data ecosystem for data sharing and value creation. This includes building adequate data infrastructure, safe usage of smart government platforms, and harnessing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence for fostering public service efficiency, innovation, and job creation.  

Pillar 2: Strengthening digital trust

To capitalize on the digital opportunities and manage risks, KoDi also highlights the importance of strengthening digital trust. The emphasis is on supporting risk management and enhancement of policy and regulatory frameworks regarding cybersecurity in critical infrastructure as well as securing privacy across data flows. 

Pillar 3: Reinforcing the digital-green nexus

Emphasizing the role of digital in tackling climate change challenges, KoDi focuses on identifying solutions — from innovative technologies to policies — in the path to decarbonize the ICT sector and increasing data-driven adaptation interventions on national and local levels.  

To achieve its mandate, KoDi concentrates on generating relevant knowledge, including review of current practices in Korea and other advanced practices, analytical research, and capacity development, and providing operations support to the client countries through technical and analytical assistance. 

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About The Program

The Korea Digital Development program (KoDi) aims to help low-and middle-income countries to accelerate digital transformation that is data-driven, secure, and green.

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