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BRIEF September 21, 2021

Governance Arrangements

Partnership Council

The KCP’s main governance body is the Partnership Council. The Partnership Council will be chaired by the World Bank Group Chief Economist (or designee). The Partnership Council consists of representatives of the official donors and the World Bank Group. Other interested parties, decided by the chair, may join the meetings as observers. The Partnership Council will meet annually, virtually or physically, possibly in conjunction with a research conference organized by the KCP and dedicated to specific themes.

The Partnership Council will (i) provide oversight and strategic guidance and direction on the implementation of the activities financed by the Trust Fund Program, (ii) serve as advocates of KCP-supported research products in their respective organizations, (iii) review and discuss the progress in the implementation of such activities, and (iv) discuss the KCP’s long-term strategy.

Internal Management Committee (IMC)

The IMC will be chaired by the World Bank Group Chief Economist. It will consist of three sets of stakeholders: (i) World Bank Group Chief Economist/DEC Vice President and World Bank Group Deputy Chief Economist; (ii) DEC department heads; and (iii) at the invitation of the World Bank Group Chief Economist, selected Chief Economists from the Global Practices or Regions, based on relevance and expertise. The IMC will provide subject matter expertise to evaluate and select proposals for KCP financing based on clear criteria and priorities. It may also propose ideas for new priorities and themes. In addition, to ensure meaningful coordination and collaboration across the World Bank on research, the KCP will periodically provide information on its upcoming Call for Proposal cycles and selection results to the World Bank’s Chief Economist’s Council. Since KCP activities constitute a small fraction of DEC’s total outputs, coordinating at the Chief Economist level would also ensure that World Bank Management has a more holistic view of the overall research directions.

Program Management Unit (PMU)

The PMU serves as the primary interface and coordination body among the key stakeholders. The PMU assumes the day-to-day program monitoring and quality assurance function, coordinates stakeholder relations, and leads the production of annual reports. It would also track the performance and quality of the portfolio; coordinate and deliver annual reports on Umbrella progress and results; organize Umbrella Partnership Council meetings and related development partner/stakeholder meetings; under IMC guidance, undertake Umbrella-level resource planning and budgeting; develop, update, and implement the communication and visibility plan; and take the lead on external and internal communications, including outreach, supporting the delivery of Umbrella evaluations.