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BRIEF November 28, 2017

World Bank Flagships

KCP supports the production of the World Bank Group’s major Flagship reports, such as the World Development Report (WDR), Global Economic Prospects, the Poverty and Shared Prosperity Report, and Doing Business. 

Project Highlight:

WDR 2015 Operationalization

KCP plays an important role in supporting the emergence of the World Bank’s Mind, Behavior and Development (eMBeD) Unit which operationalizes the 2015 World Development Report: Mind, Society, and Behavior.

eMBeD aims to improve the effectiveness of World Bank projects and programs through the integration of recent insights from the social and behavioral sciences. The initiative was launched on October 22, 2015. eMBeD, the World Bank’s behavioral sciences team, works closely with project teams, governments, and other partners to diagnose, design, and evaluate behaviorally informed interventions. By collaborating with a worldwide network of scientists and practitioners, the eMBeD team provides answers to important economic and social questions, and contributes to the global effort to eliminate poverty and increase equity.

Since its inception, eMBeD has worked in more than 50 countries on behaviorally informed projects aimed at improving outcomes in education, finance, health, and more. The team works in policy areas, like social cohesion for refugees and climate change, and at the micro level. From using goal-setting to improve employment rates for young people and women in Turkey, to creating information interventions to increase breastfeeding rates in Indonesia and increase take-up of long-acting reversible contraceptives in Cameroon, each of eMBeD’s projects aims to make tangible improvements in the lives of often vulnerable individuals through behaviorally informed policy.

Last Updated: Dec 08, 2017


Varun Gauri

Senior Economist, Development Economics