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BRIEF November 28, 2017

Results of the Second Call for Proposals

KCP III launched a Second Call for Proposals in September 2016.

19 projects were selected and approved, with total allocations of US $3.1 million.

The sizes of the grants funded range from US$57,000 to US$400,000, averaging US$164,632 per grant.

Of the 19 grants, six projects with strong capacity-building components and high ratings from the external reviewers were funded from a capacity-building budget (not less than 15 percent of the total available budget). 

Some of the projects funded include:

Fragility and Risk Management:

  • Social Network Mapping and Analysis for Youth Living in High-Violence Urban Neighborhoods in Honduras

Innovation in Data Production Methods, Analysis and Dissemination:

  • Measuring Countries' Statistical Capacity
  • Machine Learning Algorithms for Poverty Prediction: An Empirical Comparative Assessment
  • Intra-Household Allocation of and Gender Differences in Consumption Poverty
  • Measuring Process Productivity in Bureaucracies
  • Using Big Data to Measure Urban Congestion

International Cooperation and Global Public Goods

  • Non-Tariff Measures (NTM) Indicators
  • After the Global Financial Crisis: Bank Regulation and Supervision
Service Delivery and Effectiveness
  • From Access to Quality: Ramping Up Measurement and Improvement of Health Care Quality
  • Performance Pay in Customs: Evidence from Madagascar
  • A New Model for Primary Schooling in Developing Countries
  • Increasing Uptake of Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) among Adolescent Females in Cameroon

World Bank Flagship Reports

Growth and Job Creation

  • Making Enforceable Agreements: Data and Indicator Pilot
  • The Effects of Interest Rate Ceilings on Credit Markets: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Chile

Poverty and Shared Prosperity

  • Electricity Demand in Vietnam
  • Migration and the Law
  • Effect of Improved Biomass Cookstoves on Indoor Air Quality and Respiratory Health in Rural Ethiopia
  • Living Life






Machine Learning Algorithms for Poverty Prediction: An Empirical Comparative Assessment

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2017