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  • World Bank Financial Management Program

    We help World Bank client countries achieve better development outcomes through better management of financial resources.

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Featured Video: Advancing Gender Equality through Strategic Public Financial Managment

In this video, learn about how countries are adopting considerations that advance equality for girls, women, marginalized populations, boys, and men into their public financial managment systems. Gender is a key theme in the work of the Financial Management Umbrella Program.


About the Financial Management Umbrella Program:

Stronger Public Financial Management, Stronger Development Results

Improving or reforming public financial management systems can have a tremendous effect on the quality, reach, and impact of development results. World Bank client countries work with the Financial Managment Umbella Program (FMUP) to sharpen those systems, always focused on what is needed to achieve tangible gains in financial management tied to specific outcomes for countries and their citizens.

There are six key ways we help make that happen:

Integrating with the World Bank

Advancing Innovation

Building Capabilities

Fueling Collaboration

Generating Knowledge

delivering support

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  • More than 50 countries reached
  • More than $74 million committed