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BRIEF April 9, 2019

Development Marketplace 2019: Mexico

Examining the potential of comprehensive sexuality education for intimate partner violence prevention among young people in Mexico City

World Bank Vice President for Latin America and Caribbean presents 2019 Development Marketplace award to Esperanza Delgado & Florencia Barindelli, Mexico   Photo: World Bank / Grant Ellis


Project Summary:

A 2006 national survey of Mexican women found a 42.9% level of lifetime prevalence of intimate partner violence, and 33.3% prevalence with a current partner. Comprehensive sexuality education, which addresses violence and gender equality as well as sexual and reproductive health, has been shown in some contexts to prevent intimate partner violence among young people. More than 45% of the Mexican population is under 25 years of age and the country has relatively high school attendance so school-based comprehensive sexuality education can reach large numbers of youth.

The Development Marketplace Award enables the researchers to study the Mexfam CSE curriculum, which focuses on gender, power and violence prevention, to establish how the school-based sexuality education program can reduce intimate partner violence and translate these findings into practice.

Project Team:  

Shelly Makleff, Cicely Marston, Rosa Icela Zavala Suárez, Vanessa Ivon Silva Márquez, Florencia Barindelli